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Next Stop, Costco!

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In my tips for buying in bulk, I talked about bulk bins and how they have the great advantage of letting you buy in specific quantities. In fact, you can bring in a measuring cup and get just the amount you need.

When you buy food in bulk at a warehouse store, you don’t have the ability to control your quantities. But you can save, and save A LOT!

Here are the prices on items I found at my local Costco. Print this out and use it to compare prices at your store or to compare couponing prices to see if an item is at a stockpile price! In fact, compare these prices to the Whole Foods Bulk Bins Price List I posted earlier this week. You can already see what buying in large quantities can save you!

Costco Price ListStay tuned for my warehouse buying tips. In the meantime, what prices did I miss? How do these prices compare with your warehouse store prices?

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  1. Wow!!!
    you have just changed my life with this list.
    With a family 9 I go to Costco 1-2 times a week…
    I just wish my costco had all of these things….but I will look for some of these for sure.
    What a help!!

  2. Barb @ A Life in Balance says:

    Thank you so much for putting this together plus the whole foods one. I bought the Whole Foods deal that was available a week or so ago, but haven’t used it yet.

  3. Love this! I will definitely be using this…and sharing on my weekend links this weekend. ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. Krissa, I’m so glad you find the Costco list helpful and am tickled you’ll be sharing it!

  5. Barb, I’m so glad you can use the Costco list! I know it helps me figure out what is a good deal.

  6. T – Your comment made me giggle! I’m glad my Costco list will help you out!

  7. Barb, I forgot to mention that I haven’t spent my Whole Foods certificate either. I don’t think it has an expiration date (at least I don’t see one?) so I’m saving it for a good meat sale. It is so hard to find a good deal on meat that I thought that would really help our bottom line. Let me know what you spend yours on.

  8. Rebecca ~ Sweet Baby Yams says:

    I started keeping an excel spreadsheet like this too. It makes a big difference when you look at the price per item/pound.

  9. Rebecca, I’m so glad I’m not the only one who needs a spreadsheet to be able to decipher Costco prices! It does make a big difference! Thanks for visiting, Andrea


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