I Drank Cayenne Pepper Water For 7 Weeks and Here’s What Happened

What happened when I started drinking cayenne pepper water.

What happened when I drank cayenne pepper water for 7 weeks. Is it worth trying? What do I do now.

I’m going to start by saying I always thought drinking cayenne pepper water was completely bogus.

But I’ve since changed my mind.

Let me give you a little background.

In January 2016, I was asked by a friend if I wanted to join in on a one week clean eating challenge.

Like a good American, I had overeaten during the holidays. I wanted accountability to get back on track. So I joined the clean eating challenge.

We started the challenge on January 18th. We had a one week meal plan we were to follow.

The meal plan said we were to drink 8 ounces of warm water with 1/4 teaspoon cayenne pepper every morning.

Is there anything on this planet that sounds grosser than warm cayenne pepper water? Particularly first thing in the morning?

But here’s the deal. It was a challenge. We were in a Facebook group. Apparently, I am uber competitive. I was going to be the one person on that challenge that followed the eating plan to a T.

Which meant I had to start my day with cayenne pepper water.

What happened when I drank cayenne pepper water for 7 weeks. Is it worth trying? What do I do now.

I completely surprised myself. I liked it! But I wasn’t sure if I like it because I had a cold and the warming sensation just felt really good, or if I really liked it.

I continued drinking it every day.

What led me to really like it was the fact that I lost 3 pounds in that week – mainly from my belly.

Yes, I was eating clean. But I have never, and I mean ever, lost 3 pounds in one week. Ever.

My body type is such that I carry all my extra weight in my belly. I’m the woman you always want to know if I am pregnant or not. Seriously. (and no I’m not pregnant!)

After the first week, I decided to start adding a half a lemon to my cayenne pepper water. If you haven’t tried lemon water first thing, here are all the reasons you should.

I drank cayenne pepper lemon water first thing in the morning for 7 weeks. My total weight loss was 5 pounds. During those 7 weeks, I only followed a clean eating plan for one of them.

If you do a little research, you’ll find science believes cayenne pepper and one of it’s components – capsaican – “could” assist in weight loss.

What happened when I drank cayenne pepper water for 7 weeks. Is it worth trying? What do I do now.

I would definitely say it helped me to lose weight and boosted my metabolism!

So why don’t I drink it daily? 

Crazy, right? But here’s the deal: I’m addicted to caffeine and the boost I get from my morning cup of coffee.

That’s right. I’d rather have coffee than a boosted metabolism.

While cayenne pepper water hasn’t remained a daily habit, if I ever get serious about trying to cut weight, I will use it, and my fat-flushing detox drink to aide my weight loss efforts. 

I’m convinced it had a positive effect on my weight loss and that you have nothing to lose by trying it.


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    Thank you,I felt you were totally honest and real in your writing. Encouraged me to try tomorrow.

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