Whole Foods Market: Best Price Dr. Bronner’s Castile Soap!

Woo Hoo!

Now’s the time to load up on Dr. Bronner’s Castile Soap! Whole Foods Market has it marked down to $9.99/bottle – that’s a $6 savings!

I use Dr. Bronner’s in so many of the recipes in my Organic Skin Care for Natural Beauty book!

Whole Foods Market: Organic Whole Chickens $2.29/lb

I love to slow cook a whole chicken! So easy and inexpensive. Particularly when Whole Foods Market runs it’s sale on whole organic chickens for just $2.29/lb.

New Whole Foods Market Digital Coupons App

Whole Foods Market Saving App

Whole Foods Market has joined the growing list of stores offering digital coupons.

Make your life simpler by getting digital coupons for big savings throughout the store. You can also browse and save recipes, see sales, and create shopping lists!

Get the app for iPhone
Get the app for Google Play

Some of the coupons you will receive:

$5 off $15 in Produce
$1.25/1 Organic Valley Grassmilk Cheese

Top Foods to Buy from the Bulk Bins at Whole Foods

Whole Foods Bulk BIns

The bulk bins at Whole Foods are one of my favorite parts of shopping there. By carefully selecting what I buy, and how much I buy, I’m able to save a significant amount on my groceries.

One of the tricks to saving on your bulk bin purchases is to buy only the quantity that you need.

This may mean bringing in a measuring cup and spoons. By doing so, you can measure out the exact quantity you need.

Don’t feel weird. I promise you anyone who is looking is thinking how clever you are.

save on bulk bin spices whole foods


Spices are topping my list of top foods to buy at the bulk bins at Whole Foods.

This is particularly helpful if you need an unusual spice for a recipe.

Bring your measuring spoons. Buy what you need, spend less money than buying a whole bottle, and nothing lingers in the back of your spice rack.

You’ll be pleasantly surprised by how fresh and flavorful these bulk bin spices are!

whole foods bulk bin must buy Maple Syrup


There is no substitute for real maple syrup. Purchased in bulk from Whole Foods, you save about $3 over the Costco price.

Other sweeteners you can buy in bulk and save include honey, sugar, and agave syrup.

My Whole Foods actually has local honey in bulk. That’s a big plus in my book.

PS ~ You actually do want to purchase the Grade B maple syrup. It has a higher nutritional profile than Grade A.

Best Whole Foods Bulk Bin Buy


Most Whole Foods offer several different grind your own nut butters, including peanut butter and almond butter.

When you grind your own, you get 100% nut butter without any added sweeteners.

Plus, you don’t have to deal with oil separation.

Buy Chia Seeds from Bulk Bins


For something so small, chia seeds sure can be expensive!

Compare the price of buying chia seeds from the bulk bins to the price of pre-packaged. I think you’ll find a significant savings.

In addition to chia seeds, look to see if they have flax seeds. Both chia and flax make healthy additions to your morning smoothies.

Nutritional Yeast


Nutritional yeast may not make every grocery shopping list, but the savings at the bulk bins is so significant, I couldn’t leave it out.

Weigh Station Whole Foods


You can bring in your own containers and skip the disposable bags.

What you need to do is head straight to the customer service desk. Ask them to mark the Tare Weight on the container. That weight will then be deducted at the cash register.

Once the weight is written on your container, you never have to have it marked again.

Do you already shop the bulk bins? What are your favorites?

Whole Foods Market Sale: GOOD Soap 3 for $3

good bar soap

UPDATE: This sale is over. If you are looking for the ingredients of GOOD Soap, you can find them here. (Thanks Jennifer!)

If you are heading to Whole Foods Market this weekend, be sure to look for their sale on Alaffia GOOD Soap. You can pick up 3 bars for 3 bucks.

Alaffia GOOD soap is made with certified fair trade shea butter and coconut oil and comes in African Black Soap, Coconut, Fresh Mint, Lavender, Sunshine, Sweet Vanilla and Prairie Rose scents.

This offer is only good July 18th through 20th.

These lovely bars of soap make a nice housewarming gift when combined with a cute soap dish. Everyone needs soap. 🙂

Whole Foods Bulk Bin Price List 2013

Whole Foods Bulk Bin Pricing

Do you shop the bulk bins at Whole Foods? How do you know if you are saving when you purchase in bulk? I’ve made a price list from my Whole Foods so I can spot a bargain. I’m sharing those prices with you here.

You can find the printer button at the bottom of this post:

Printer Button

Print this price list, or Pin it or Google + it so you can price compare at your Whole Foods. This price list is not inclusive of all bulk bin prices. I’ve noted the prices on whole food pantry staples.


Whole Wheat Couscous $2.69/lb

Sprouted Quinoa $6.99/lb

Royal Red Quinoa $6.99/lb

Yellow Popcorn $1.49/lb

Barley $1.69/lb

Bulgur $1.99/lb


Adzuki Beans $2.49/lb

Black Beans $1.79/lb

Cannellini Beans (White Kidney Beans0 $2.39/lb

Garbanzo Beans $2.19/lb

French Green Lentils $2.39/lb

Large Green Lentils $1.99/lb

Red Split Lentils $2.39/lb

Green Split Peas $1.69/lb

Yellow Split Peas $1.19/lb

Pinto Beans $1.99/lb

Soybeans $1.99/lb


Whole Almonds $5.99/lb

Whole Cashews $8.99/lb

Walnut Halves $8.99/lb

Pecan Halves $12.99/lb

Pine Nuts $19.99/lb

Valencia Peanuts (Dry Roasted, Unsalted) $5.39/lb

Unsalted Creamy Peanut Butter $5.99/lb

Unsalted Crunchy Peanut Butter $5.99/lb


Black Chia Seeds (Raw) $11.99/lb

Hemp Seeds (Raw) $18.99/lb


Arborio Rice $4.69/lb

White Basmati $2.99/lb

Brown Basmati $2.69/lb


Maple Syrup Grade B $12.99/lb

Maple Syrup Grade A $11.99/lb

Agave Nectar $3.69/lb

Honey $3.99/lb

Be sure to check out my Tips on How to Save on Whole Foods Market Groceries


How to Stack Whole Foods Market Coupons

How to Use Coupons at Whole Foods Market {It'll Double Your Savings!}

If you are new to shopping Whole Foods Market, one of the best ways to save when shopping there is to stack a Whole Foods Market coupon with a Manufacturer’s coupon.

Every two months, Whole Foods Market comes out with coupons that are redeemable only in their store. You’ll find these in the Whole Deal circular at the front of the store or you can print them from home.

While these coupons are only available for a two month timeframe, they don’t expire for another month! So make sure to print while available, then enjoy the savings for an additional month!

Here’s where the big savings come in: Whole Foods Market allows you to use one Whole Foods coupon and one Manufacturer’s coupon on a product.

For example:

Stack Whole Foods Market Coupons

If Traditional Medicinal’s tea was on sale for $3.00/box, you could use the $1.00 off Traditional Medicinal’s Manufacturer’s coupon AND the $0.50 off Traditional Medicinals Whole Foods Market coupon. You would then save $1.50 off the $3.00 box – making it half price!

If you want to find out the weekly Whole Foods Market coupon stacks, I’ve got ya covered!

Need more Whole Foods Market shopping hints? Check out Tips on How to Save at Whole Foods Market.