Costco: New Organic Products I Found {March 2016}

My Costco was pretty quiet yesterday, so I had a good chance to walk around and see what new organic products were in stock.

I’m really excited about these two new organic lunch options:

Organic Cheddar Cheese

Organic Rumiano Sliced Medium Cheddar $11.99/2 pounds

True Story Organic Sliced Turkey Breast $12.99/1.25 pounds

These aren’t new, but I just had never noticed they were organic:
Wholly Guacamole Organic Mini Cups $10.99/20 

These new 2 Minute Grains are really yummy:

Organic 2 Minute Grains
2 Minute Organic Grains $6.99/8

Organic Coconut Milk
Organic Thai Kitchen Coconut Milk $9.99/6 pack

They’ve always had chicken broth, so I was excited to see vegetable broth is now offered:

Organic Imagine Vegetable Broth
Organic Imagine Vegetable Broth $9.99/6 pack

Perfect for a diaper bag, packed lunch, or in your purse:
Happy Squeeze Organic Kale Apple Mango $10.49/12

I had one of these in the car on the way home (I was starving). The mango turmeric flavor was awesome:

Shine Organic

Shine Organic On The Go Nutrition $11.99/12

If you need gluten free:

Organic Riceworks

Organic Riceworks Quinoa, Chia and Herb Snack $5.89/Bag

In the snack section:

Popcornopolis Organic Popcorn Pack $12.99/30

I don’t think these are new, but I definitely have not seen them at my Costco for a while
Kirkland Organic Animal Crackers $9.79/64 oz

Back to Nature Organic Chocolate Chip Cookie Bites $9.89/24

Go Raw Organic Sprouted Pumpkin Seeds $9.39/16 oz

In the supplement section:

Orgain Organic Protein Powder $29.99/2.74 pounds

This is not organic but it is a convenient place to pick some up for your smoothies:

Amazing Grass Green Superfood

Amazing Grass Green Superfood $22.49/49 servings

In the personal care section:

The Honest Company Organic Cotton Tampons $18.99/64 count

The Honest Company Organic Cotton Panty Liners $16.99/96 count

EOS Costco Pack

EOS Lip Balm $10.99/5 Count These are 95% organic. I like the colors for Spring/Easter baskets!


Miracle Gro Organic Potting Soil $9.99/55 qt

That’s what’s new at Costco!

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Costco: New Organic Products I Found {April 2015}

New Organic Products at Costco

WOW! My Costco has added quite a few new organic products to it’s shelves. I ran around and snapped pictures and noted prices.

My pictures aren’t great. They aren’t even good. It was crowded and busy when I went, so I just tried to get the best picture that also had pricing information.

Prices and products at Costco can vary – but usually not by much. Just keep that in mind when you shop.

Whole Fruit Organic Juice


Whole Fruit with Organic Juice $9.99/24 count

Organic Frozen Edamame $11.99/12 steamable bags

Organic Pomegranate Arils $8.99/bag

Organic Pineapple $6.99/3 lbs

Organic Spinach and Kale Blend $8.59/4 lb bag

BIBIGO Organic Potstickers $9.99/2 lbs

Organic Lentil Trio


Organic Lentil Trio $7.89/3 lb bag

Organic RAW Pure & Simple Instant Oat Packets Maple & Brown Sugar $9.99/40

Organic NUTZO Seeds and Nut Butter $16.79/Jar

Organic Walnuts $19.99/2 lbs

Organic Simple Bites Seeds, Nuts and Fruit Clusters $7.99/20 oz bag

Go Raw Organic Sprouted Pumpkin Seeds $9.39/bag

Organic Pistachios $15.79/bag


It’s back! The chicken coop is back!

Costco Chicken Coop

The coop is priced at $279.99

Costco Composter

Costco is also selling this double composting bin for $149.99.

Finally, if you are getting ready to garden, you can pick up Miracle Grow Organic Potting Mix bags for just $9.99!

Have you found a favorite new organic product at Costco?

Costco vs. Walmart: Where are the Best Organic Prices?

Costco vs Walmart: Who has the best organic prices on items like milk, eggs, butter, and chicken?

I’m a huge Costco fan. I love their organic selection and find their prices to be worth the membership cost.

But recently, Walmart announced they were going to drive down organic food costs.

I don’t shop Walmart. There is whole backstory there that involves my living in a small town in Texas and Walmart being the only store within a 3 hour radius. Once I moved to where I had more options, I’ve embraced those options.

But, what I learned in those 3 years in Texas, is I can really appreciate those readers who write to me complaining that they simply don’t have many organic options where they live.

Which brings me back to Walmart.

Is Walmart really driving down organic prices?

I strolled the aisles of Walmart noting the organic selection and pricing, then popped over to Costco to do the same.

Where are the best organic prices?

organic prices

The items I compared are items I felt most families purchase regularly.

Great Value is the Walmart brand and Kirkland Signature is the Costco brand. If a store brand was available, I looked at the store brand pricing.

Since you have to purchase larger quantities at Costco, I tried to address that in the pricing I compared.

Walmart pricing is in black, Costco pricing is in red.


Walmart: Great Value Organic Milk $3.68/half gallon
Costco: Kirkland Signature Organic Milk $3.29/half gallon must buy 3 for an out of pocket cost of $9.89

Walmart: Horizon Organic Chocolate Milk $11.58/12 pack single serve. Comes to $0.96 each
Costco: Kirkland Signature Chocolate Milk $7.94/12 must buy 24 pack at $15.89. Comes to $0.66 each


Walmart: Great Value Organic Eggs $4.38/dozen
Costco: Kirkland Signature Organic Eggs $3.50/dozen comes in 2 dozen for an out of pocket expense of $6.99 


Walmart: Horizon Organic Butter $5.08/lb
Costco: Kirkland Signature Organic Butter $3.85/lb must buy 2 pounds of an out of pocket expense of $7.69

Walmart: Spectrum Coconut Oil $6.98/14 oz or $0.50/oz
Costco: Nutiva Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil $21.49/78 oz or just $0.28/oz


Walmart: Nature’s Path Pumpkin Flax Granola $3.28/11.5 oz box or $0.29 per oz
Costco: Nature’s Path Pumpkin Flax Granola $7.79/35.3 oz box or $0.22 per oz


Walmart: Annie’s Organic Shells & Real Aged Cheddar $1.56/box
Costco: Annie’s Organic Shells & Real Aged Cheddar $15.99/15 boxes or $1.06/box


Walmart: Harvestland Organic Boneless, Skinless Chicken Breasts $5.98/lb
Costco: Coleman Organic Boneless, Skinless Chicken Breasts $5.99/lb


Walmart: Marketside Organic Baby Spinach $4.98/10 oz
Costco: Organic Baby Spinach $3.99/16 oz


The only exception is on boneless, skinless chicken breasts where Walmart is $0.01 cheaper per pound. One. lousy. penny.

If you are looking to feed your family an organic diet but need to stay on a budget, Costco appears to be the clear winner to me.

Ibotta App Now Works at Costco!

ibotta app

Have you downloaded the Ibotta App to your smartphone yet?

If not, and you shop at Costco, you might just want to! Ibotta is now rewarding you for redeeming offers at Costco.

There are currently two offers available for Costco Shoppers:

  • Earn $2.00 when you buy Silk Pure Almond
  • Earn $1.75 when you buy Silk Organic Soymilk

You will find these offers under “store extras” on your app.

More Good News! All new users who sign up for Ibotta can earn up to $10 in Welcome Bonuses within 2 weeks of registering.

  • Redeem any two offers within the first two weeks and earn $2.50
  • If you reach 5 offers in total in the first two weeks, earn another $2.50
  • If you reach 10 total offers, earn another $5

 Ibotta pays in cash through PayPal!

Costco Car Rental Discounts | Save Big on Your Next Vacation

Costco Car Rental Discount

Are you a Costco member? Have you tried looking at Costco Travel for car rental discounts?

We’ll be traveling for the upcoming Spring Break and will need a rental car. As you well know, nothing drives up the cost of a vacation like rental car expenses.

Did you know you can use the Costco low price finder to compare prices between four car rental agencies: Alamo, Avis, Budget and Enterprise?

To be able to book a rental car through Costco, you must have a membership ID number and register on the site. Costco Travel operates separately from, so you will need a separate log-in just for Costco Travel.

So how good are the rental car discounts? Costco Travel asserts they are able to use their buying authority to negotiate the best price, which they then pass on to Costco members. Since you can access the Costco Travel Rental Car website without any obligation, you can compare the prices for yourself. Of course, the amount of discount will vary from location and time of year. So your savings will vary dependent on your travel plans.

The good news is, you can get a price BEFORE you hand over your membership number or log-in. Prices can be viewed without registering, but before confirming a rental you will be required to register by providing your membership number, last name and email address, and you will need to create a password.

Another factor to consider if you are looking to use Costco car rental discounts: If you have the Costco American Express card and use it when you book your travel, you will receive 2% cash back on eligible travel purchases.

So the next time you need to rent a car, don’t forget to check out the prices from Costco!

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How a Costco Ink Refill Saved Me $20

Do you ever want to just smack yourself in the head? That’s how I felt when I recently took advantage of the discounted ink refill at Costco.

Now, you might already be a savvy ink refill-er, but up until last week, I was not. In fact, one of my sweet friends piped up and told me she heard ink refills at Costco were really inexpensive, which is why I even knew to give it a try.

Oh. My. Word.

The savings are so good, I had to share it with you.

Here are my receipts:

Office Max Receipt

To buy a color cartridge at Office Depot cost me $31.99.

Costco Ink Refill

To get a color ink refill at Costco cost me $9.99.

I also did a refill on a black cartridge. To get a black ink refill cost me $7.99.

That’s a $20 savings to get a color ink cartridge refilled instead of replaced! If I refill, instead of replace, my cartridges 4 times this year, I’ll save $80!

Getting an ink refill does require prior planning. You almost need to have two cartridges. One that is full that you are using, and the empty one that you actually remember to take to Costco to get a refill.

Guess where I’ll be getting my ink from now on?

Looking for other ways to save at Costco? Check out Costco Gift Cards: 5 Ways This Discount Pays

Costco Gift Cards: 5 Ways This Discount Pays

Costco Discount Gift Cards

Did you know you can buy discounted gift cards at Costco? Why pay the full amount for a gift card when you can purchase them for less than face value?

Here’s are five reasons why you’ll want to take advantage of the discounts on gift cards at Costco:

#1 It is Free Money

The face value of the gift card is MORE than what you will pay. That translates into FREE money for you to spend. When is the last time you instantly made 20% off your investment?

#2 Save on Vacation Expenses

Restaurants, attractions and lodging – Costco has discounted gift cards for all of these! At up to 20% off, your next vacation won’t break the bank.

#3 Look Generous (But Save Big!)

Uh huh. I said it. Buy gift cards at 20% off, then give them as gifts and the recipients will think you are more generous than you really are. Where’s the harm in that? Surprise teachers, co-workers, and in-laws with a gift card this year that actually saved you money. I see that as a win-win.

#4 Stretch Your Holiday Budget

The holidays are the time of year when most of us are strapped for any extra spending money. Buying gift cards for 20% off can be a great way to get those holiday gifts you know your family and friends will love, but your budget can actually afford.

#5 Double Your Savings

Gift cards spend like cash. Therefore, you may be able to combine them with other specials and coupons.

The next time you are in Costco, check out the selection of gift cards they offer at up to 20% off. Didn’t find what you were looking for? You’ll find more Costco gift cards online.