GBG List of 3: Yoga with Adriene, Eco Hairspray, Toy Upcycle

List of 3

The GBG List of 3: Three things I love, Three things I want to share!

How were your holidays?

We had an amazing time. I loved having my daughter home from college.

As one of her Christmas gifts, my mom gave her my old typewriter. Over 20 years later, and it still works!

We had a great time trying to figure out the ribbon, learning you can’t just backspace to correct something, and marveling at the¬†loud humming and clacking of the keys. Can I just tell you how glad I am we now have laptops?

Payton and her typewriter

She’s now safely back at school and I’m finding we are returning to our daily routines. So I’m back to the List of Three!

Here we go:

Yoga with Adriene

Andrea The Natural Green Mom Doing Yoga with Adriene
Can you see my workout buddy? She was checking on my form. ūüėČ

One of my goals for 2016 is to practice yoga regularly. So I want to introduce you to my new BFF Adriene.

I was introduced to her YouTube channel by friends, but I had put off trying her classes. However, after I recently showed up for a 6:30 am yoga class… only to find out it started at 6:00 am … I ran right home to give her channel a try.

My friends were so right! You can find an at home yoga class for any level on her channel. Plus, you can pause and work on those poses that are giving you trouble instead of having to try to keep up with the rest of the class. ALL FOR FREE on YouTube!!!!

It doesn’t require a lot of room, just a yoga mat. No need to show up for a class at a certain time, you can take a class when it is convenient for you.

Did I mention it’s FREE?

Warning, your dogs may lick your face while you are lying on your mat. And, while you are lying on the floor, you may discover you haven’t vacuumed under the couch in a while.

I have yet to do her Yoga for Bedtime video, but my friends have raved about it. If you’ve been wanting to add yoga to your life, give this a try and tell me if you like it as much as I do!

DIY Dinosaur Planters

dinosaur succulent planters

I love a good upcycle project! I have a whole Pinterest board devoted to upcycling.

Isn’t this upcycle project for dinosaur succulent planters crazy cute???

I’ve held on to a few dinosaur toys since I have younger nephews. But I might just have to snatch them for this project! They make me smile. They would be so fun in a boys room. I think I’ll make them as a conversation piece for my outdoor dining table.

Get the full instructions for DIY Dinosaur succulent planters.

LA Hold Hair Spritz

la hold hair spritz

Ugh. I have a total love-hate relationship with my bangs.

Love that they cover my forehead, hate how they never stay where I want them to. My bangs have a mind of their own!

Recently, while I was in the natural grocers, I saw a travel size bottle of this LA Hold Hair Spritz.

It was small and it was cheap so it came home with me.

It delivers on the holding power! It’s been a long time since I have used a hairspray, but I can give this one a two-thumbs up recommend.


Anyone who knows me knows I am an EXPERT in going to bed early. I go to bed faithfully by 9:00 every night. Crazy, right? While I might be an early to bed kinda gal, I know that there are many of you who struggle with getting to bed at a decent hour. If that’s you, you may want to join the Go To Bed Challenge.

What’s making your list this week?

GBG List of 3: Downton Abbey, Geoguessr, Buddhify

List of 3

The List of 3. Three things I love. Three things I want to share!

Downton Abbey

Downton Abbey I am never wrong tea cup
I am so, so, so excited to see the return of the final season of Downton Abbey tonight!

I have my cream biscuits and lemon curd ready!

We all need to be drinking out of this mug with my favorite Dowager Countess of Grantham quote!

By the way, if you are a Downton fan and will miss it when it is over, I’ve got the What to Watch when Downton is over list!


Do you know where this photo is?

Leave it to my college girl to introduce the family to the newest time suck!


This game uses StreetView images from all over the world that drops the player in a random location and challenges them to work out where they are.

It’s fun to get a random glimpse of places all over the world then work on trying to find signs and other clues that will help you work out where on Earth you are.

Give it a go and let me know what you think!



Can we first just talk about how much I hate the name of this app? Buddhify

I don’t think guided meditation belongs solely to Eastern religion. So don’t be turned off by the whole “Budda-ish” name.

I’ve always enjoyed a good guided meditation. Mainly because I can’t turn my brain off.

We recently attended a hot yoga class where the last 10 minutes were just lying there in corpse pose.

At first, the relaxation felt awesome. But after a few minutes ticked by, my brain was racing.

“When are we getting up? Shouldn’t we be getting up? We haven’t used the stretchy bands. What will we do with the stretchy bands? Do we need the stretchy bands after all the stretchy poses we just held?”

Blah. blah. blah. It’s impossible for me to turn my head off.

I’ve linked to the free meditations. I don’t like every voice they have to guide you, but I found two I enjoy.

If you need a little stress relief, or if you just need to turn your head off for a bit, give it a go.


These are beautiful.

Mark your calendars.

If you have an iPhone.

What’s making your list this week?

The GBG List of All Things December

List of 3

Good Morning Glories!

This week I thought I’d share All Things December.


I’m starting with the Merry Little Christmas Project.

The Merry Little Christmas Project was created by my friend Kaley in response to a year where she had such high expectations for the holiday that she forgot to enjoy the season.

If you ever feel like you are running on a treadmill trying to make the greatest holiday for those around you, only to be disappointed by their reactions, the Merry Little Christmas Project is for you. It’s about finding joy in the moments that matter this holiday season – and letting go of expectations of perfection.

There is a Facebook group if you’d like to join.

This week, the Merry Little Christmas Project has declared it to be Random Acts of Kindness Week to truly celebrate the heart of the season. If you’d like to participate, carry out your random act of kindness and post it on your Instagram or Facebook with the hashtag #RACKWEEK.

2016 collage with text

Does your book club set their book list for the upcoming year in December?

My book club disbanded after several years. Too many people going in too many different directions.

But I’ll be using the Delicious Reads 2016 Book Club List as my suggested reading list for the upcoming year and thought you might enjoy it as well.

Erin Condren Budget Book Wellness Journal

In a few weeks we will able be resolving to do “something” better in 2016. Those “somethings” often involve personal finance or health and wellness.

I’m a big Erin Condren fan, so I wanted to bring up this deal for her Budget Book and her Wellness Journal now so you can have them ready to go January 1.

The way this deal works, is if you shop through this referral link, you will get an email with a $10 code.

Once you have the code, head back to the Erin Condren website. Find “Life Planners and Books” and the two booklets are then under “Accessories”.

The total for the two books is $11. So after your coupon code, all you will pay is $1 plus the cost of shipping!


I loved this list of 26 Things Every Person Should Do For Themselves at Least Once a Year. The exception is #11. #11 produced anxiety in me just at the thought!

This tutorial for How to Make 100 Natural Gifts in One Hour means you could make a gift for pretty much everyone on your Christmas list this year.

Cut Butternut Squash

I shared this on my Facebook Page. If you have a Trader Joe’s, between Thanksgiving and the end of the year, they sell this diced Butternut Squash. I LOVE this stuff. It cooks up so quick, it makes any recipe with butternut squash a snap to make. I love it so much, I bought 7 bags to tuck in my freezer. (two of the bags will squeeze into a freezer safe bag. Then just pop in the freezer.)


My daughters always have a hair tie around their wrist. Always. And so do all their friends. I loved this hair tie bracelet for Christmas.

Shhhhh. Don’t tell my mom, but I’m printing her one of these Welcome Guests WIFI Password signs.

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GBG List of 3: The Best of Pinterest

Tencel Tunic Dress
Candid photo my daughter took. Eek.

Y’all. I bought something off Pinterest.

I was doing my general Pinterest thing (wasting time), when I came across this pin.

Normally I would just pin something like this to my style board and move on.

But the description said it was a Tencel denim dress. And Tencel is an eco-friendly fabric. So I decided to actually click on the link.

That’s when I discovered the dress could be worn over leggings in the winter and as a dress in the summer.

I’ve been working towards cleaning out my closet and only hanging on to pieces that I can wear in multiple ways.

So I bought it. And I love it. And I probably wear it once a week.

I love it so much I’m watching for a sale so I can get it in the other color. (Can you say soooo comfy plus you can dress it up enough to wear it to church???)

It’s a bit more expensive than my normal wardrobe purchases, so I shopped through Ebates so I could find a coupon code and get cash back.

Since I found the dress by searching for the Most¬†Popular Pins, I thought I’d share what I’ve pinned that have been really popular.¬†


No Fail Objects for Styling a Console Table¬†– Repinned over 7000 times! Apparently none of us know how to style a console. ūüėČ


January Organizing Calendar Repinned over 1800 times! Head over to her site and print this out so you can be ready to clean in January!


Small Laundry Room Ideas Repinned over 500 times! (I have the smallest laundry room ever, so I get it!)

Shoe Explosion

Shoe Explosion¬†Repinned over 400 times. Doesn’t every house have one of these? This is actually part of a bigger article on organization around the house.

Super Simple Matcha Green Tea Latte Recipe

Out of everything on my site, my Super Simple Matcha Green Tea Latte is the most repinned. It’s been repinned almost 4000 times!

Have you ever bought anything off Pinterest? Or made something off Pinterest? How did it work out?

Have a favorite Pin to Share? Post it in the comments so we can repin with you!

GBG List of Three: 3 Natural Personal Care Products I SWEAR By!

List of 3

The GBG List of 3. Three things I love. Three things I want to share.

Welcome to the natural personal products I SWEAR by edition!


weleda natural deodorants

I’ve tried several brands of natural deodorants in the past. But none could stand up to the stink that is me.

So I would inevitably revert to whatever was on sale at Target. Wearing toxic deodorant always felt like my natural living sin.

Then a friend recommended I try Weleda natural deodorants.

With a great deal of skepticism, I opted to give them a go.

The problem was, I couldn’t decide on a scent. Sage or Rose.

Sage is a common ingredient in natural deodorants thanks to its antibacterial properties. So I went ahead and bought one bottle of sage.

But I decided I would try rose too. My friend that recommended the deodorant uses the rose scent.

After the first application I was HOOKED!

Y’all. It’s a little like wearing a perfume more than a deodorant. And I can’t decide which scent I prefer – sage or rose. I’m so glad I have them both!

I don’t mean that you will smell like your deodorant all day like you do when you wear perfume. But when you heat up, you smell the deodorant, NOT the body odor.

So there I am walking the dogs and all of a sudden I’ll get a whiff of rose. It’s delightful!

In the interest in full disclosure, the first ingredient in the formula is alcohol. If you nick yourself while shaving, it does sting when you apply it. Not awful. Not awesome.

My Natural Grocers does not carry Weleda deodorants. But if you have a Sprouts you can find them there. Thrive Market actually has the best price I could find as an online source. Or if you don’t want a membership to Thrive (which will save you $ in the long run) it’s available here too.


pumice stone

If you have dry, rough heels like I do, the Earth Therapeutics Pumice Stone is the absolute best solution I have found.

The key is it is an every day thing. Take just one minute in the shower and scrub each heel.

Your reward will be soft heels.

Don’t buy one of those rotating heel shaver whatevers I keep seeing. You can pick one of these pumice stones up at Whole Foods for like $3. I think they sell them at Kohl’s too. Or Thrive Market has the Earth Therapeutics stone/brush for only $2.45.

So super inexpensive but really effect …. if you will just spend a few minutes in the shower daily.

Skip a day or two and you’ll be back to snagging your socks.

(On the subject of daily shower habits, I also swear by my red bump eraser if used consistently.)



So I became a Beauty Counter consultant because I love the products and wanted to buy them at a discount. Just wanted to be clear about my relationship to them.

However, I use the Peppermint Lip Balm because it really is the bomb diggity.

My youngest daughter has a terrible time with chapped lips. She drinks tons of water, tries not to lick them, takes fish oil regularly…just takes care of herself regularly.

Still. Chapped Lips.

The Beauty Counter Peppermint Lip Balm is what is working for her right now.

We both kinda hate that you have to use your finger to apply it. It’s a small thing compared to the fact that it works.

So what’s in your natural beauty bag that you’d recommend we try?

If you like to make natural beauty products (and we do!) did you catch my cracked hand salve recipe this week?

Cracked Hand Salve

I also shared my recipe for Switchel which has gone viral on Pinterest!

what is switchel and how do you make it

GBG List of 3: Hallmark Movies, Orange Glasses, Starbucks Evenings

List of 3

The GBG List of 3! Three things I love, three things I want to share.


hallmark movies

Here’s something you need to know about me. From the date they start all the way to Christmas Day, I watch Hallmark Christmas movies.

I’ve seen them all, but every year I come back for more.

The beauty of these movies is the story follows the same storyline. So I can turn them on and have them playing in the background. I can walk out of the room, come back in, and pick up the story right away, EVEN if a completely different movie started while I was out of the room.

Predictable? Yes. But Hallmark Christmas movies are happy. The stories are sweet and sticky and wholesome and delicious and just right for the holidays.

This year, Hallmark started playing their Christmas movies on October 31st. A little early for my taste, but I forgive them because they make me happy.

If you need mindless happy entertainment just right to put you in the holiday spirit, flip the channel to the Hallmark Channel.


The GBG List of 3: Orange Glasses for Blue Light Protection

I’ve complained about my sleep issues numerous times.

Total insomniac. That’s me. I find things that work for a period of time, then I end up with a week of less than 5 hour nights and I’m looking for the next fix.

So now I’m wearing orange glasses.

What do orange glasses have to do with sleep? Recent reports are linking blue light from our electronic devices to sleep disruption and lower levels of melatonin. Orange glasses block the blue light. The recommendation from these studies is to wear orange glasses for 3 hours before bedtime to improve sleep quality.

I tend to be on my computer, phone or eReader at night before bed. I’m hoping wearing the glasses will block the blue UV from my devices and cue my body to naturally produce the melatonin I need to sleep better.

All that to say I’m still researching UV blockers and will be reporting back on how my orange glasses are working.

If you have sleep issues, are you willing to give orange glasses a try?


starbucks evening menu

I’m in LOVE with the Starbucks Evenings menu! We have the first store near us carrying the new evening menu, so I had a chance to check it out and it’s a goodie.

But there’s one problem. I just don’t want to eat it there.

I know what you are thinking: Say what???

The food offerings on the Starbucks evenings menu are exactly what I want in an evening menu. Artichoke flatbread, cheese plates with 3 cheeses, dried apricots and crackers, truffle popcorn ~ I want you all!

But I do not want to sit in a Starbucks with my glass of wine. It holds zero appeal to me as an evening hangout.

I have PTO meetings over coffee in Starbucks. I treat my girls to a special drink when we are out. But I just don’t see myself asking a friend to meet me there for a glass of wine.

I’m trying to nail down my feelings here. I guess you could say that Starbucks just isn’t special enough for an evening destination.

Am I alone in this?

So here’s what I need one of you to do. Come open a hip place with comfortable seating and perhaps even a patio with a fireplace and offer a menu similar to Starbucks evenings. I promise I will be your most faithful patron.


Need a serious binge watch show? See what you should be binge watching according to your Meyers Briggs personality type.

Currently on hold at the library: In a Dark, Dark Wood.¬†¬†Reese Witherspoon will be starring in the movie. Love me some Reese! Plus, I’m someone who likes to read the book before seeing the movie. How about you?

Don’t miss out on any of these articles from this week:

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apple proscuitto appetizers

Quick and Easy Apple Prosciutto Appetizers

Homemade Pill Pockets for Dogs

Homemade Dog Pill Pockets

You can always get caught up on all my favorite recommends by scrolling through the List of 3.

What’s making your list this week?

GBG List of 3: Slow Cooker Salsa Chicken, Growing Hair, What Books to Read

List of 3

This week is just a round-up of links to stuff I love. Hope you enjoy!

At least one morning a week I listen to the Sorta Awesome podcast. It’s like having a conversation with some of my best girlfriends while I get ready.

In one episode they talk about Slow Cooker Salsa Chicken. It seriously sounds amazing and I’m adding it to my meal plan this week!

It’s the time of year when Brussel sprouts are plentiful. These are also making my meal plan.

Could this be the natural remedy to growing hair? And do you think I can spot treat my bangs that got cut too short for my liking? ūüėČ

I read every night before bed as my way to wind down. Loving this list of What the World’s Top Authors Say You Should Be Reading.

FYI – I’m deep into the Inspector Gamache series right now.

What Halloween candy will you be passing out?

Finally, I’m always looking for lunchbox inspiration. If you find yourself in that camp too, here are 30 great packed lunch ideas.

Whole Grain Pumpkin Bread

Did you catch my recipe for The BEST Whole Grain Pumpkin Bread this week?

What’s making your list this week?