DIY: Non-Toxic Oven Cleaning Recipe

DIY Non-Toxic Oven Cleaning Recipe

When was the last time you cleaned your oven?

That might just be the rudest question right after asking a woman her age!

My oven is a hot mess right now. I like to throw sweet potatoes into the oven and right onto the rack. Invariably, one of them will ooze and leave a blackened blob on the bottom of my stove.

Those are the only black blobs I can identify. The rest of them? Who knows what food left the mess behind.

In my quest to find the best non-toxic oven cleaning recipe, I tried several. This is the best non-toxic oven cleaning recipe I found to get your oven clean without harsh fumes and a minimum of elbow grease.

The main cleaning ingredient in this recipe is Borax.

A word about Borax. The Environmental Working Group recently came out and cautioned consumers against using Borax.

The reason? It is an eye irritant.

Ummmm. So is salt. Or lemon. Get anything in your eye and you’ve got yourself an eye irritant.

Considering most commercial oven cleaners will have ammonia as one of their main ingredients, I’ll take Borax any day.

Plus, it works!

The other main ingredient is Castile soap. All I had on hand was peppermint scented Castile soap I had picked up at Costco.

I’d really recommend using this unscented Castile soap.

Non-Toxic Oven Cleaning Recipe cleans without toxic fumes and a minimum of elbow grease

Non-Toxic Oven Cleaning Recipe

You will need:

  • 2 tablespoons borax
  • 2 tablespoons Castile soap
  • 1/4 cup water

Dissolve the Borax in the water. Stir in the Castile soap. Add to a spray bottle.

Spray the bottom of your oven. Allow the cleaning agents to sit for about 20 minutes. Easily wipe up the mess.

For any stubborn or persistent messes, use a second application and a bit of steel wool.

DIY Oven Cleaner Non-Toxic

What do you say? Are you ready to try the non-toxic oven cleaning recipe for a clean oven?

Stop Diaper Pail Smells With This Non-Toxic Solution

Make this homemade natural solution to stop diaper pail smell. It's a DIY that really works.

Isn’t it shocking how someone as small as a baby can make such unbelievable smells?

I think they were referring to diaper pail smell when they said, “Parenting isn’t for the weak.”

Whether you choose to cloth diaper or use disposable ones, there will be diaper pail smells. And unless your superhero power is the inability to smell, you probably want to eliminate any odors wafting through your home.

You’ll find products out there that are chemically strong and will kill odors using ammonia or bleach. Use caution. Both bleach and ammonia release toxic fumes best avoided around the small lungs of your baby.

I want to teach you how to make a non-toxic solution. It’s always the best idea to use non-toxic solutions when parenting the very small.

The first item you will need is Tea Tree essential oil (also known as Maleluca). Tea tree oil contains chemicals that kill bacteria and fungus, making it the perfect oil to use on your diaper pail.

This solution uses a strong amount of tea tree oil. (BTW – I buy my tea tree oil here.) You need to be able to kill any bacteria in your diaper pail, so don’t skimp on the high number of drops.

Use a non-toxic solution of vinegar and tea tree oil to get rid of diaper pail smells.

The other item you’ll need is vinegar. Vinegar is one of my favorite eco friendly household cleaning products you can get at the dollar store.

Vinegar contains 5 percent aectic acid which works as an antimicrobial in this solution.

Stop Diaper Pail Smells Solution

In a spray bottle combine:

1 quart water
1/3 cup vinegar
74 drops tea tree (maleluca) essential oil

Combine all ingredients in a spray bottle. Shake well before spraying diaper trash can and wiping clean with hot water.

Are you concerned about toxins around your baby?

Non-toxic Pet Odor Eliminator

Non-toxic Pet Odor Eliminator

I recently posted on my Facebook page that my senior dog has developed toxic gas. I’m talking clear out the room toxic gas.

You are welcome for sharing.

Needless to say, we love our dog. We don’t want to have to run out of the room every time he lights it up.

I did a lot of research to try to find a non-toxic pet odor eliminator.

One of the problems is some essential oils can be toxic to a dog or cat’s liver and kidneys.

In my research I discovered wild orange is an essential oil that is approved for use around dogs.

While wild orange is safe to use around dogs, it is important to remember to always invest in high quality essential oils. Oils purchased at the grocery store can contain contaminants or adulterants that can cause serious health issues in your pets.

I know. I know. Quality essential oils can be more expensive. Check out this brand. I think you’ll find it is reasonably priced – even for the organic certified bottles!

Here’s how this odor eliminator works:

The wild orange is going to instantly improve the smell in the room. Yet covering up the scent isn’t good enough. Your room spray is also going to need baking soda to actually eliminate the odor.

eliminate dog odors

Here’s How to Make Non-toxic Pet Odor Eliminator Spray

You’ll need:

1 Tablespoon Baking Soda
2 Cups Distilled Water
Spray Bottle
30 Drops Wild Orange Essential Oil

  1. Measure baking soda into a bowl and add the wild orange essential oil drops.
  2. Mix the essential oil into baking soda using a fork

non-toxic dog odor eliminator ingredients

  1. Put mixture in spray bottle and top off with distilled water.
  2. Shake and spray.

BADABOOM! Your stinky smells are eliminated thanks to the baking soda and now all you’ll smell is the pleasing scent of wild orange.

Since publishing this post, we’ve welcomed an all new smelly boy to our house. Meet Wilson! You can follow our natural dog parenting and Wilson antics on Instagram.

DIY: Natural Disinfectant Spray (Like Lysol But Homemade!)

Natural Disinfecting Spray Like Lysol but made from all natural ingredients including essential oils

There is a nasty new virus floating around called enterovirus D68. This virus outbreak has sent hundreds of children to the hospital with respiratory problems.

My oldest daughter has been hospitalized with respiratory issues before and it is scary. When respiratory viruses start circulating, I go into protective, mama bear mode. I arm myself with disinfectant and CLEAN ALL THE THINGS!!!!

What steps should we all take to keep our homes healthy?

1. Institute mandatory hand washing! This is the number one recommendation of the Center for Disease Control. It is inexpensive and easy. Stay vigilante and send everyone straight from the front door to the sink with instructions to wash up. If you are out and about, whip up all natural hand sanitizer to carry with you and use it.

2. Disinfect Surfaces – especially doorknobs. Cleaning your doorknobs, refrigerator handles, faucets, and toilet handles with a disinfecting spray can help guard your family against viruses.

If you are trying to run an all natural household, what are your options for safe, non-toxic disinfecting?

Here’s what you will need to make your own Natural Disinfectant Spray Like Lysol but Homemade:

DIY Natural Disinfectant like Lysol Ingredients Include vodka and essential oils

–Click NEXT to Get The Recipe–

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Caring for Hail Damaged Plants

Caring for Hail Damaged Plants

Colorado gets pelted with hail several times over the growing season.

Nothing is quite so discouraging to a gardener as watching the hail demolish the plants you’ve been tenderly caring for in the garden.

If you are new to caring for hail damaged plants, it is important to take the right steps to help your plants recover.

Use these tips, and before you know it, your garden can return to it’s full splendor!

1. Wait to Trim or Pull Out Damaged Plants

Once you see the broken stems and demolished flowers, the first thing you want to do is trim them up and get them looking healthy again.


The plants actually need the damaged leaves for photosynthesis. Leave them in place to help the plant heal.

2. Immediately Add Mild, Organic Fertilizer

A hail storm puts your plants into distress. Feeding them lightly with an organic fertilizer gives them the energy they need to start healing.

Good options of organic fertilizers include:

Fish Emulsion
Seaweed Extract
Worm Compost
Compost Tea

Hail Damaged Plants

photo credit

3. After 7 to 10 Days, Trim Any Brown or Dying Leaves 

Within 7 to 10 days, it will be easy to identify which stems and leaves have been damaged beyond repair because they will begin to turn brown and wilt.

Carefully remove any leaves that show no signs of recovery.

4. After 2 Weeks You Will Know What Plants to Replant or Reseed

Unfortunately, a traumatic hail storm can damage some plants to the point of no return. If your storm occurred early enough in the season, try reseeding.

If you only have a short growing season left, it may be better to replace the plant with another plant.

Does it hail where you live?

All Natural Way to Get Rid of Skunk Smell on Dogs!

Get Rid of Skunk Smell on Dogs

Why are we discussing the all natural way to get rid of skunk smell on dogs?

Has this ever happened to you?

The other night my dog would not come in from his evening constitutional.

I waited to hear his bark at the garage door.

And I waited. And I waited.

Finally, I headed to the door.

When I opened it, I got a whiff of that very distinct odor – Eau de SKUNK!

You know that feeling you get in the pit of your stomach when you know your whole evening has been ruined? I had that one.

But there is a happy ending to this story. I lucked out. He was the not the victim of the skunk spray….this time. However, I was left wondering if a neighboring dog was the unlucky one.

If you live anywhere in the country where there are skunks, I’d advise you to print out this recipe for getting rid of skunk smell on your dog. Then gather up all the ingredients and have them on hand someplace handy.

All Natural Get Rid of Skunk Smell

I can’t take that pit in your stomach away, but I can give you an all natural way to get rid of the skunk smell that really works.

All Natural Way to Get Rid of Skunk Smell on Dogs!


  • 1 quart hydrogen peroxide
  • 1/4 cup baking soda
  • 2 tablespoons Castile soap


  1. Mix all ingredients together. The mixture will be bubbly. This means it is active and must be used right away while it is still active.
  2. It is preferable to wash your dog outside. Wear gloves.
  3. Don't wet the dog first. Pour the mixture over the dry dog, being careful not to get any inthe animal's eyes. Let it sit for 10 minutes.
  4. Rinse. If smell persists, repeat.
  5. This solution also works on clothes if you find the smell has transferred.

Eco Friendly Household Cleaning Products You Can Buy at the Dollar Store

Eco Friendly Cleaning Products You Can Buy at the Dollar Store

Do you think it is expensive to purchase eco friendly household cleaning products?

I recently went to my local dollar store and found you can buy all sorts of eco friendly household cleaning products for just a dollar!

1. Vinegar– The dollar store sells 32 ounce bottles of vinegar. Vinegar is an awesome eco friendly cleaner. If you’ve never used it before, I recommend it for cleaning pots and pans, cleaning toilets, and for cleaning your outdoor living spaces.

2. Baking Soda – At my dollar store, boxes of baking soda were actually priced at only $0.59! Baking soda is another eco friendly cleaner that can be used in so many different ways. Make an all purpose scrub, or make a non-toxic carpet deodorizer.

3. Rags – Ditch the paper towel habit and pick up a stack of rags at the dollar store. My favorite rags are by Scotch Brite and are called Ultra Absorbent Shammy Towels. These suckers can sop up a spill in no time. Toss them in the wash, and they are ready for your next big spill. If you can find these at your dollar store, I highly recommend them.

4. Clothesline – Pick up a clothesline for just a buck and dry your clothes the eco friendly way. With spring here, a clothesline turns into a solar powered, inexpensive, ultra easy way to dry your clothes.

5. Wooden Clothes Pins –  If you invest in a clothesline, you’ll need clothes pins. The dollar store has a bag for just a dollar that will help you get started. Not to mention, clothes pins are handy to have around the house for organization.

6. Scrub Brushes – Replace your sponges with scrub brushes. The dollar store has a large assortment from which to pick. Scrub brushes are excellent for dish doing, tub scrubbing, grout cleaning, carpet stain removal, and patio stain removal.

What eco friendly household cleaning products have you found at your dollar store?