Daily Supplements Green Smoothie

This green smoothie is my favorite way to get my daily supplements.
Adding my daily supplements to a green smoothie is a great way to pack a ton of nutrition into one tasty drink.

Do you take daily supplements?

I don’t take many, but there are three that I do try to take every day.

The three supplements I take daily are Vitamin D, Collagen and Omega-3s. The vitamin D I take as a gummie, the other two I add to my daily green smoothie. It’s so easy to get a burst of nutrition in a green smoothie.

In the case of the vitamin D, I started taking vitamin D when my girl’s pediatrician told me since he started taking vitamin D regularly, he never gets sick.

We’ve been taking Rainbow Light Sunny Gummies for probably 3 years now. While I can’t say with 100% certainty that it’s the gummies, my girls have not missed school due to illness in my recent memory. We just don’t get sick.

It took me a while to warm up to the idea of taking collagen. Collagen just seems gross to me. Maybe it does to you too?

However, the health benefits you get from collagen include healthier hair and nails, smoother skin, and better joint and bone health.

What prompted me to take the collagen was I really wanted the joint benefits. As I get older, there are more and more mornings where my joints are sore.

While I don’t have any physical evidence to show you that it is helping my joints, check out my nails!

Adding my daily supplements to a green smoothie is a great way to pack a ton of nutrition into one tasty drink. Adding collagen will help build strong nails and hair.

My nails and hair are growing so fast now that I’m taking the collagen! I can’t believe how strong they are too.

I did a lot of research before landing on this brand of collagen. It dissolves easily and has no taste. It is perfect for adding to your morning green smoothie.

Finally, I add my omega-3s in the form of Cod Liver Oil to my green smoothies too. Yes, the thought of cod liver oil makes me want to throw up a little. But this is one of the best things you can do for yourself and your body!

I’m going to make you a promise. If you add the recommended amount – 1 teaspoonful – to your green smoothie, you won’t even know it is there! Plus, the brand I take has been naturally flavored, and it is actually sweet – not fishy at all!

So here’s how I put this all together:

Adding my daily supplements to a green smoothie is a great way to pack a ton of nutrition into one tasty drink.

I try to pack as much nutrition into my daily smoothie as possible. I don’t always eat a perfect diet. Not even close. So I like to pack in as much healthy goodness in a quick drink as possible.


Serves 2

1 cup milk (any kind)

1 heaping handful of spinach, which is high in Vitamin A and antioxidants

2 peaches, which adds fiber, Vitamin C and natural sweetness (You can use frozen)

1 heaping handful of strawberries with stems (so make sure they are organic!), adds flavor with little added sugar plus a dose of Vitamin C

2 tablespoons collagen

2 teaspoons cod liver oil

Blend all together and serve.

If your peaches aren’t in season, this smoothie won’t be very sweet. Add a touch of honey or maybe a half a banana.

My friend asked me if I taste the spinach in this drink. I can’t decide if I’ve been drinking these so long that I don’t taste it, or if I really don’t taste it. But my answer is no. To me, this smoothie tastes like peaches.

Now, you may be a bit type A like I am. And you may be concerned that by mixing this all together you aren’t getting the full teaspoon of cod liver oil or the full tablespoon of collagen.

If that is you, you can always mix up the smoothie, then add the supplements to each individual smoothie.

In that case, I use the blender to make my smoothie, then I add each supplement to each smoothie and use my aerolatte to blend in the supplements.

Adding my daily supplements to a green smoothie is a great way to pack a ton of nutrition into one tasty drink.

Here’s a quick video to show exactly how we make this in our house:

Faux-puccino Smoothie: Whole30, Sugar Detox, Paleo Recipe

Treat yourself to a faux-puccino – real food ingredients make this smoothie far better than a coffee store drink.

Faux-puccino smoothie that uses only real food ingredients. It's the perfect healthy substitute for your Starbucks favorite.

To be perfectly honest, I’ve never had a frappuccino. But I’ve had plenty of smoothies, and this one may be my favorite to date.

It’s a coffee based smoothie, so it’s excellent in the morning, OR an awesome pick-me-up to chase away the mid-afternoon slump.

I’d say this is an ideal smoothie to make with leftover coffee, but we’ve never had leftover coffee in our house, so I wouldn’t really know.

I’ll brew a special pot of coffee then tuck it away in the fridge just for this smoothie.

But here’s an idea. You know that cup of coffee you set down in the morning but forgot about until the afternoon? Perhaps you’d put it in the microwave to warm it up and then found it in there hours later? You could use that coffee. 🙂

You can make this smoothie with any kind of milk your family drinks: almond, soy, cow’s, coconut…

I use almond milk. That keeps it dairy-free so it’s suitable for a Paleo, Whole30 or Sugar Detox diet.

But if this is not a concern for you, cow’s milk works just fine!

After your milk and coffee, you just need a few more additions.

faux paccino smoothie ingredients

I love that the almond butter adds some protein to this smoothie. It makes it more filling and sustaining. The almond butter, plus the banana, make it sweet.

If you want, freeze the banana first. It’ll make your smoothie taste more like a frappucinno.

Now, I suppose, if you were so inclined, you could add some oats to this faux-pucinno. Then, you’d have a nourishing breakfast on the go – with your coffee included! Winning!

Faux-puccino Smoothie: Whole30, Sugar Detox, Paleo Recipe


  • 1/2 cup coffee, chilled
  • 1/2 cup milk (almond, soy, cow's...)
  • 2 tablespoons almond butter
  • 1 banana, sliced (can be frozen)
  • 1 teaspoon cinnamon
  • 1 teaspoon cocoa powder


  1. Add coffee, milk, almond butter, banana, cinnamon, and cocoa powder to a blender. Process until ingredients are smooth. Serves 1.

Since my girls are the frappuccino drinkers, I had them be my taste tasters on this recipe. I got a two thumbs up review. They both agreed that this made a delicious substitute.

This recipe only makes one smoothie, so be prepared to double, triple, or even quadruple it because everyone in your family will want one.

Give it a go and let me know what you think!

Fat Flush Detox Drink Recipe

This detox drink is full of fat flushing ingredients.

A great tasting detox drink full of fat flushing and metabolism boosting ingredients.

Oh friends. Let me tell you a little something about turning 40.

On your 40th birthday, chances are good, real good, that your metabolism will pack a bag and hit the road.

Whereas you previously may have been able to eat with abandon (raises hand), you will no longer be able to do so, much to your disappointment.

The sad fact is, once your metabolism has up and left, you will join the legions of other 40+ somethings who put on two pounds per year. Every year.

Fast forward to 46. At 2 pounds a year, that means you may weigh 12 pounds more than you did on your 40th birthday.

How do I know? I happen to be 46.

The good news is, there are foods that can help you rev up your metabolism and flush out your compounding fat.

(If you are trying to lose weight, find out what happened when I drank cayenne pepper water.)

choice organic green tea

Start by making iced green tea. This is my brand of choice, and it is what I used to taste test this recipe.

Metabolism boosting green tea will form the base of your drink.

Next, you’ll add half a cucumber.

Cucumber can help you both detox and lose weight. You have the option to peel the cucumber and scrape out the seeds. However, you will be removing some of the nutrition of the cucumber when you remove the skin.

In case you didn’t know, English cucumbers naturally have less seeds, so they may be the right choice for you if you typically scrape the seeds out of your cucumbers.

By the way, if you happen to find a lemon cucumber at the Farmer’s Market, they are delicious in this drink.

You’ll finish making your detox drink with lime juice and mint. The lime is another metabolism booster while the mint aides in digestion.

Lime and mint are key ingredients in a detox drink.

Fat Flush Detox Drink Recipe


  • 2 bags organic green tea
  • 1/2 cucumber, sliced
  • juice 1/2 lime
  • 5-7 fresh mint leaves


  1. Steep 2 tea bags in 6 ounces hot water. Squeeze and remove tea bags. Add enough ice to cool down tea and make approximately 8 ounces of iced green tea.
  2. In a blender, combine green tea, cucumber, lime juice and mint leaves. Blend on medium speed.
  3. Drink daily before a meal.

Since this is a fat flushing detox drink, I don’t suggest the use of sweeteners.

If you find yourself craving a sweetener, you may want to play with the amount of mint you add. More mint flavor could eliminate your desire for the sweet.

HOWEVER, if you just can’t tolerate this drink and need to add honey, so be it. Just try to add less each time until you can enjoy and embrace the taste of real, whole ingredients, and never add more than a teaspoon. And most importantly, go for the raw stuff so you are getting a little bit of health benefits.

I like to drink this before lunch. It helps to fill me up with good-for-me ingredients before I eat, helping me to feel fuller faster. Not to mention, it is refreshing and delicious.


Sparkling Blueberry Lemonade: SodaStream Recipe Idea

Have a sodastream? Try making Sparkling Blueberry Lemonade.
Sparkling blueberry lemonade is a fun sodastream recipe idea. It packs a lot of flavor in a little drink. It's sweet, it's sparkling, and it's a lovely substitution for soda.

We love sparkling water in our house. I’m actually quite happy drinking a glass of sparkling water – nothing added.

But sometimes I crave a drink with a little added flavor.

That’s where this Sodastream recipe idea comes in.

Reasons to love this drink:

  1. It’s not really a recipe. It’s more of a serving suggestion.
  2. Adding sparkling water to your drink cuts down on the amount of sugar you are consuming from the lemonade.
  3. You get a serving of antioxidant rich blueberries.
  4. You only need three ingredients to make a refreshing sparkling blueberry lemonade.

Sparkling Blueberry Lemonade Ingredients:

1/2 cup organic blueberries
1/2 cup organic lemonade
Carbonated water from your Sodastream (or purchased plain sparkling water)

In a blender, blend together the blueberries and lemonade. Pour into glass and top with sparkling water.

It’s that easy!

Need more sweet? Add a bit more lemonade and bit less of the sparkling water.

This recipe makes one serving of sparkling blueberry lemonade. You may double, triple or quadruple the recipe – depending on how many you need to make.

Did you know you can use a mason jar on the blender? I show you how to make this recipe in it’s own mason jar here:

Can’t see the video? Click here.

It saves me from having to wash the blender and the mason jars fit right into my dishwasher. Hallelujah!

What is  your favorite Sodastream recipe?

What is Switchel and How Do You Make It?

Have you been wondering what is this new hipster drink switchel and how do you make it? Here's the best recipe!

Maybe you’ve heard about the latest hipster craze? It’s called switchel and it’s making its way into homes and restaurants and even as a mixer at bars.

Only, it’s not actually a new drink. It’s been around for centuries and was the original – and dare I say far healthier – version of Gatorade.

If you’ve been wondering what is switchel? How do you make it? Here’s the definitive answer and recipe.

What is Switchel?

Switchel originated as Haymaker’s Punch.  It was called Haymaker’s Punch because it was used to refresh workers bringing in the hay crop.

The original drink was made with apple cider vinegar, molasses and ginger. Once the mixture was made, it was left to ferment before being added to water.

Today, there are many versions of Switchel. Apple cider vinegar and ginger are in every recipe, but the sweetener is often switched up. Maple syrup and honey can easily stand in for the molasses.

If you go for the classic recipe, the Switchel will have a gingerbread flavor from the molasses. Molasses contains a number of essential minerals and vitamins, so it is worth trying it to see if you like it.

However, if the taste of the molasses is too strong, go ahead and substitute an equal amount of maple syrup or honey.

What is switchel? How is it made? Includes the best recipe for this hipster drink.

How Do I Make Switchel?

I’m going to teach you to make switchel with a recipe I know everyone enjoys.

In a jar, combine:

6 tablespoons apple cider vinegar (I always use this one)
4 tablespoons honey (or molasses or maple syrup)
3 teaspoons grated ginger

Cover and allow to ferment in the refrigerator for a day.

To serve, strain out the ginger pieces if you’d like. Then shake mixture and add several tablespoons to 6 ounces water. How many tablespoons you use will depend on your taste.

If you have a soda stream, this makes the most delicious addition to carbonated water!

Try a glass of this after your next workout. Doesn’t it make the perfect thirst quencher?

Cleansing Green Juice Recipe Made in the Blender

Cleansing Green Juice Made in the Blender

This cleansing green juice recipe can be made right in your blender: No fancy equipment required!

Making green juice at home is an excellent way to boost your energy levels by providing your body with nutrient-dense antioxidant-packed foods.

Lemon and ginger are key to cleansing the body. Ginger works on your digestive system while lemon alkalizes the body and boosts your immune system.

The result is a drink that makes you feel great and provides an instant energy boost!

You won’t need a fancy juicer to make this juice. Your blender will be able to handle the job.

Cleansing Green Juice Blender

The trick is to keep adding liquid (in this case your liquid is coconut water) a little at a time as you blend. Too little liquid, and your blender will get jammed up.

Once your ingredients are broken down, you’ll press them through a sieve.

Strain Green Juice

This step makes the juice less pulpy. If you don’t mind the pulp, skip this step! The added fiber will help keep you full longer.

Green Juice Pulp

Instant Energy: Cleansing Green Juice Recipe


  • 2 cups packed red kale leaves, tough stems removed
  • 1 cup packed spinach leaves
  • 1 large sweet apple (I used Gala)
  • 1 tablespoon chopped ginger
  • 1 small lemon
  • 1/2 - 1 cup coconut water
  • 1 cup cold water


  1. Quarter the lemon, remove seeds, peel and set aside.
  2. Chop apple, remove seeds and set aside.
  3. Add the cold water to a powerful blender, followed by the kale, spinach, apple, lemon and ginger.
  4. Pulse to break down the ingredients.
  5. Blend on high until smooth, adding coconut water as needed to liquefy the ingredients. (I used about 3/4 cup).
  6. Pour the juice through a fine mesh strainer a little at a time. Use the back of a spoon to press the juice out of the pulp. Discard pulp and repeat until all the juice is strained.
  7. Rinse the strainer and pour all of the juice back through it one last time.
  8. Serve immediately or cover and store in the refrigerator for up to 48 hours.

That’s all there is to it! Give your body a week of green juice and you’ll find you feel better than ever!

Instant Energy Cleansing Green Smoothie Recipe

Sugar Detox: Drinks Without Sugar or Artificial Sweeteners

Drinks without sugar or artificial sweeteners

As part of my 30 Day Sugar Detox, eliminating all sweeteners, whole, refined and artificial, from all drinks is required. And forget the glass of wine at night. I’ll be going without for these 30 days.

Luckily, this is one area I already have covered! While I do like to indulge in a good latte every once in a while, I’ve made a conscious effort not to drink my calories.

That said, I do like a little flavor to my drinks. And I’m finding that interesting drink flavors can divert my attention away from wanting to eat.

My strategy for avoiding sugary drinks is to make up both a flavored water and an herbal tea recipe in the morning. This has been one of my favorite ways to make sure the whole family is staying hydrated with sugar-free drinks.

Here are my family’s favorite flavored water recipes:

Flavored Water Recipes

Rainbow Citrus Water Recipe

Cucumber Mint Water Recipe

Pineapple Cinnamon Water Recipe

We also love herbal teas. Here are my favorite flavors, as well as my foolproof method for brewing a perfect pitcher:

Herbal Tea Recipes

Herbal Tea Recipes

Russian Tea (Hold the Powdered Mix) is really good without any sweetener

Herbal Teas that Detox are a great way to not only sugar detox, but get other health benefits too!

Hot Tropical Lemonade (skip the optional sugar)

What drinks without sugar or artificial sweeteners do you recommend?