Amazon Purchased Whole Foods and Lowered Prices. Here’s What I Found.

Have you heard the news? Amazon purchased Whole Foods Market and promised to lower prices.
The new prices went into effect on Monday 8/28/17 and I popped in to see: what prices changed, and were the prices good?

The day I did my shopping, the store was definitely celebrating the new ownership. I shared on my Facebook page that I was greeted inside the door with a free bouquet of flowers!

In order to verify that prices really did drop, and it wasn’t some elaborate marketing ploy, I used my own price list.

In fact, I used my cost comparison between Whole Foods and Trader Joe’s prices where I took a look at commonly purchased items to compare which was better: Whole Foods or Trader Joe’s.

This was incredibly useful because it definitely confirmed – prices dropped!

Here’s a look at some of the price drops I found:

Haas Avocados were significantly cheaper as you can see.

Both organic and conventionally grown bananas dropped in price. We buy bananas weekly for recipes like Peanut Butter Banana Oatmeal Smoothies, so that’s a weekly savings for us.

No matter what kind of eggs you bought – from organic to free range – prices were lowered.

Almond milk didn’t make my original cost comparison, but I needed to buy some, so I made note of the lower price. It was $3.69 and now it is $2.99.

Peanut butter is another item I always have on hand. They used to charge over $4 for peanut butter – this is definitely a better price!

Rotisserie chicken prices dropped. It’s not an item I buy often, but picking up a rotisserie chicken can be a real time saver. An organic rotisserie chicken used to be $14.99 each. Lowering it to $9.99 saves you $5!

The new price on salmon made me happy. You may not be able to read it, but the old price was $7.49/6 oz salmon filet. So you save $2.50. We don’t buy salmon often due to the expense, but this price drop means we can up the frequency without breaking the bank.

But did prices at Whole Foods go down on everything? No. Here’s the prices I wish they had lowered:

I was disappointed to see the cost of a gallon of milk had not gone down. This is an item found on most family’s grocery lists, so a reduction in the cost of a gallon of milk would definitely help the family budget.

Orange juice prices stayed the same as well.

A container of yogurt will cost you the same as it did when I did my cost comparison.

Containers of rolled oats were the same price. The best way to save money on your morning bowl of oatmeal is to buy from the bulk bins. The bulk bin price is better than the canister price. And if you wait for a sale on the bulk bin oats, you can save a significant amount. You can read more about saving at the bulk bins at Whole Foods here.

In addition to the new lower prices, you can still use the digital coupons app and my other tips to save at Whole Foods Market.

So what do you think? Will these lower prices entice you to shop Whole Foods more often?

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