Amazon Prime Now Includes Audible App!


Are you a member of Amazon Prime? If so, you can now get their Audible app for FREE! This is a value equivalent to $59.40/year!

So what do you get exactly?

Audible Originals—Listen to original storytelling from an award-winning team whose mission is to take listeners to new places.

Playlists crafted for every interest—Every day, Audible editors create insightful and engaging playlists drawn from news, comedy shows, articles, talks, and more.

Prime-exclusive free audiobooks—Hear gifted narrators bring stories to life. Enjoy a streaming collection of audiobooks including bestsellers, family favorites, celebrity-narrated classics, and more, just for Prime.

The Audible app can be downloaded to your phone. Since nothing can be actually downloaded, it does use your data.

I just got the app today and am having a great time finding short stories and TED Talks and news clips to listen to while I do boring chores like the dishes and wiping down counters. I think this will be a go-to app for me.

If you download the app and find something great to listen to, please let me know! I love getting recommends!

If you aren’t a member of Prime yet, did you know you can get an Amazon Prime 30-Day Free Trial?

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