All Natural Plant Fertilizer: Eggshells

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Will you be making hard boiled eggs for decorating this week? If so, I’ve got a helpful household tip you’ll want to use.

Don’t throw the water away after you cook your eggs. Instead, allow the water to cool then use it to fertilize and water all your houseplants!

Eggshells contain both calcium and carbon.

When you boil eggs for hard boiled eggs, some of the calcium and carbon get leeched into the water making a great fertilizer.

Water with this all natural fertilizer as you normally would.

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  1. Joan Crocker says:

    Use the empty cereal bags to flour/bread veggies, like okra or squash, or chicken and fish. It’s free, sturdy, and easy clean up- just throw it away.

  2. Lidia Martinez says:

    Looking forward to all the tips!!

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