5 Secret Ways to Save at Amazon.com (You’ve Never Heard Of)

5 Secret Ways to Save at Amazon.com

Amazon.com is the largest e-tailer in the world. We love to shop Amazon. In fact, even if we are planning to buy elsewhere, consumers most often will go to Amazon first to compare prices or read product reviews.

But when you make a purchase from Amazon, how can you know you are getting the best deal?

I’ve got 5 secret ways to save on your next Amazon.com purchase:

1. Shop Through Ebates

So, maybe you already know about Ebates. Ebates is the shopping site that not only has the most up-to-date coupon codes, but also pays you a percentage back on your purchases when you shop through their site. Shop through Ebates for your next Amazon.com purchase, and make between 3% and 8% cash back on your purchase depending on what you buy! PLUS, you may be eligible to Sign Up Now And Get A Free $10 Gift Card! I opted to get the Target $10 Gift Card.

2. Use Camel, Camel, Camel Amazon Price Tracking Tool

Prices on Amazon vary. In fact, the price on the same product can vary from the beginning of the day to the end! I have yet to figure out the who/what/why/when of the price drops. But, I no longer care! I use camel, camel, camel, to track prices for products I want to purchase on Amazon.

Use the price history to see what the lowest price is you want to pay. Then sign up for an email alert or tweet to let you know when the price has dropped to your target price. By using camel, camel, camel, you’ll be paying the best price for your products!

3. Ask Amazon to Drop the Price

Amazon likes to compete when it comes to pricing. If you find a lower price anywhere, you can use the “tell us about a lower price” feature.

Find the product you want to purchase. Then do the cost comparison at other sites. If you find a lower price, scroll down the Amazon page until you find the “Product Details.” At the bottom, you will see the “lower price” feature:

Amazon tell us about a lower price

Telling Amazon about a lower price doesn’t guarantee they will drop the price. But if you set up an alert in camel, camel, camel, you can get an email if they do!

4. Score FREE Amazon Gift Cards 

Join Swagbucks.com and you can start earning Amazon.com gift cards. It only takes 450 points to get a free $5 Amazon gift card.  You can earn points by surfing the web, shopping online, or watching videos.  It is easy and it actually works! Use those gift cards to make your Amazon.com purchases. Who knows? You might even get to shop for FREE!

I use Swagbucks and I’ve got a method to Earn Free Amazon Gift Cards in a Minimum Amount of Time that can help you earn those free gift cards.

5. Get to 5 Subscribe and Save Items for a 15% Discount

If you are a member of Amazon Prime, you can put together a Subscribe & Save order. Add 5 items to your order, and you save an additional 15%. What if you only need 1 or 2 things? You can use my list of Subscribe and Save Items Under $5 to find items you can use and will want to help you get to the free shipping rate.

This list is also helpful if you just need to get to the $49 threshold for free shipping. Instead of selecting Subscribe & Save, just select Order One Time.

Not sure you want to join Amazon Prime? Try Amazon Prime 30-Day Free Trial is a no obligation way to try it!

BONUS: I’ve been earning free MP3 and eBook credits using the savings strategies I share on Tricks to Try to Save More at Amazon.

For even more Amazon.com saving strategies, you’ll want to read How to Use Coupons on Amazon. And if you are a Kindle owner, check out the 6 Best Sources for Free Kindle Downloads.

Have a secret way to save? Share it in the comments!

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  1. I love Amazon and had no idea some of these savings existed. How have I missed the “ask Amazon to drop the price” button?

    Thanks for sharing this Andrea.

  2. Seriously? I never knew there was a ‘filler item’ option. Very smart on their part to up the order cost too!

  3. Barb @ A Life in Balance says:

    I knew about the filler item and Ebates, but not about the lower the price option and camel, camel, camel. Thank you so much!

  4. Thank you, thank you, thanks you! Great article and very timely too! I didn’t know about Camel, Camel, Camel and I just signed up, what a fantastic tool. My hubby will be excited because it works on Newegg and BestBuy too.

    Also never knew about asking them for a lower price. I’ll be using that feature too!

    I love, love, love being an Amazon Prime member. For us it’s well worth the $79, I watch a ton of their streaming movies and shows and do tons of online shopping through Amazon.

  5. I pay the $79 annually for an Amazon Prime membership and I am not one bit sorry. In addition to FREE two day shipping, I get access to lots of movies and TV shows that are free to watch, along with loans from the Kindle Lender’s Library. It’s 110% worth it. I would end up paying $80 in shipping alone after 3 months if I didn’t have Prime. Also, if sign up for an Amazon credit card and use it to pay for your Amazon purchases you get 3 points for every dollar you spend on the site and points if you use it anywhere else. You can then use those points (100 points = $1) to buy other items on Amazon. It’s glorious!! Disclaimer: I swear I don’t work there. 🙂

  6. Nathalie, I am so glad camel, camel, camel can help you! I love being a Prime member too. We definitely take advantage of the streaming as well! Andrea

  7. Beth, I pay for Prime as well. I do so love the free shipping! I have never explored the benefits of the credit card – I’ll be checking into it! Thanks for commenting, Andrea

  8. I use http://www.lightningdrops.com instead of camelcamelcamel and have been very happy with it. You tell them to let you know when the price on an item drops below a certain point, and when it does, you get an email notifying you of it.

    I also have Amazon Prime and consider it well worth the money.

  9. I’ll be taking advantage of the “tell us about a lower price” feature in the next couple of days for Black Friday! Thanks for the tip.
    Also, I would say #6 could be taking advantage of their subscribe & save program. They put coupons out all the time, which is a bonus, but also their normal 20% discounts make household things cheaper than Costco and even many grocery store sale items.

  10. Hi Sharon, I have not heard of lightening drops! Thanks for the tip! Andrea

  11. Ooo! I love the “lower price” button! Sneaky!

    I also use SavingStar for ecoupons — you can use them even if you used a coupon in the store — and cash out the savings into an amazon gift card.

  12. We just found you through a link on pinterest. Awesome tips. We are going to try all of them, but we especially love #3 and featured it (and you) on our news for today. Thank you!

  13. What great tips! We live overseas and the household products here are very expensive and so I check out the prices weekly on Amazon. But, I didn’t know about camel,camel,camel or lightningdrops either would definitely help! Thank you for sharing!

  14. @Beth- even if you have Amizon Prime you if smart can figure out how to combine some of these things to get the ultimate discount so ghe ideal thing to do is first be a Prime member to get free 2 day shipping on everything but then use ebates to get 3-8% discount then use a paypal debit card with ebates to earn 1% back on everything then have an amazon credit card as the funding for your paypal debit card so you can earn 3 points each dollar to total it all up Amazon Credit Card to earn 3 points per dollar= as the funding source of ur paypal debit card to earn 1% back on everything= with Ebates to earn 3-8% more back = then be an Amazon Prime member to get free 2 day shipping. After all that youll have got 4-9% back 3 points for every dollar spent (basically 3% back) and free 2 day shipping with no minimum order. Can any one else come up with a better combo of way to save more please share. Also some not many banks still will let you buy fresh bills from them using your credit card so thats about the best deal on earth because if you buy $100 you only have to pay $100 and if you do that with a credit card that give you cash back then your literally getting free money, and if your wondering no this is not Illegal it is perfically legal.

  15. Thomas – You are an Amazon saving Ninja! Love all your thinking. Andrea

  16. Brenda Isamoyer says:

    Thanks for the hints. I wanted to add that you can also get Amazon gift cards from a rewards site called MyPoints.com. The only downside is that you can’t earn Points by shopping on Amazon through them. As for Swagbucks, not only can you redeem your bucks for Amazon GC’s but, like Ebates, you can earn Swagbucks by shopping on Amazon through their link.

  17. Has anyone had success with this website at Amazon? http://www.refundplease.com/.

  18. Also, sorry if I’m missing the obvious but where can you access the price history of an item? Thx!

  19. Hi Kari, You can get the price history of an item using Camel, Camel, Camel. You need to insert the url of the product into the search bar and it automatically pulls it up! Just scroll down the page a bit to see it. Hope that helps, Andrea

  20. One other “trick” people don’t seem to know… have change laying around and HATE to roll it? Take it to coinstar! But, instead of paying that exorbitant fee that they charge, choose to get paid in an Amazon gift card – the fee is waived!

  21. Mark, That is an excellent suggestion! Thanks for sharing. Andrea

  22. Instead of doing the filler item finder thing when I need to go up to the free shipping, I have a whole bunch of different things in my private wish list that I want but don’t particularly need at any given time. That way, when I need $5 or $10 extra to get the free shipping, I can take something off of my own wish list that I’ve been wanting for a while instead of having them suggest a random item that I don’t particularly care about.

  23. Great tips Kerri! Using your wish list is an awesome idea. Thanks for sharing, Andrea

  24. Candice Stansell says:

    I use Bing points to earn Amazon gift cards. I tell my whole family to use the Bing search engine so the points rack up and in no time I can get either $3 or $5 to Amazon.com

  25. Thats good information

  26. dee whisenhunt says:

    Where can I find camel camel camel? Thanks!! Dee

  27. Hi Dee! The link to camel camel camel is right in the article! Happy savings! Andrea

  28. Am I missing something about Prime’s supposedly “free” shipping? I am a member but feel like the “free” shipping is really a scam because Amazon seems to always build the shipping cost into the slightly higher price of the item, and by almost exactly what the other sellers are charging for shipping. So it comes out even. You all are such savvy shoppers, I feel that if there’s something that’s gone past me somehow you super-shoppers are the ones who can enlighten me about it! Thanks in advance for your reply.

  29. Question…do you shop through Swagbucks for Shop and Earn, or do you do it only through Ebates? Any idea which one is better?


  30. Hi Vicky, I personally use Ebates for shopping. Ebates pays cash back whereas Swagbucks pays in gift cards. I’ve found I can earn Swagbucks using their polls, watching the videos, and so forth, so I like to take the cash from Ebates. Hope that helps! Andrea

  31. Can I add one? If your not in a hurry to get your package. Choose No-Rush shipping and get a amazon Credit. This week I got a $5 credit towards my first Amazon Pantry purchase. But in the past i’v gotten credits that are good towards things like movies, books and music. Great post! i’ll have to try CamelCamelCamel.

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