5 Natural Cold Fighters

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You people are sick! No, really. I mean it! Facebook, twitter, blog posts….they are all loaded with “I’m sick.” “My kids are sick.” “Another day sick.”

“Under the weather.”

Even as I write this, I am knocking on wood and tossing salt over my shoulder while washing my hands and wondering if its ever ok to snort hand sanitizer – all in hopes that we stay healthy.

What are some natural ways to fight back during cold season?

1. Wash Your Hands – I’m not telling you anything you don’t know here, am I? I have a simple cold and flu season rule – touch a door handle, wash your hands. Hot water, plenty of soap. If ever you were to channel OCD like behavior, this is the time and the way.

2. Drink More – Sick or not, now is the season you want to remain uber hydrated. Black tea is a great drink for this time of season. The recommendation is to drink 5 cups of black tea for 2 weeks to supercharge your body’s cold and flu fighting cells.

3. Salt Water – Dissolve 1/2 t salt in an 8 ounce glass of water and gargle three times a day. It is reported this lowers your chance of getting a cold or flu by 40%!

4. Saline Nasal Sprays – Completely safe for use by adults and children alike. Plus, you don’t get the rebound effect of over-the-counter medications where you have a few days of worsening symptoms when you quit the medication. No one likes spraying stuff up their nose – until they realize the relief it offers them. Then, its a welcome treatment.

5. Vitamin C – I said it in my Eat Food in Season: February article. There is a reason citrus fruit is in season during cold and flu season. Make sure you are getting your vitamin C from whole food sources while it is plentiful and delicious. Taking a vitamin C supplement when you are in the throws of a cold won’t cure you – but it will shorten the duration of your cold.

What natural cold and flu remedies do you use? Better question, how’s everyone feeling at your house?

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  1. and stay away from germy children. which is hard. esp if you have children or work with them. wash your hands FREQUENTLY and dont touch your face!!!

    p.s. i keep hand sanitizer stashed EVERYWHERE!!!


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