35 No Candy Valentine’s Day Ideas

Ideas for Valentines that don't include candy

I love Valentine’s Day. How can you not love a holiday all about love?

What I don’t love about Valentine’s Day? The significant amount of candy that gets passed around. That’s why I’ve come up with 35 No Candy Valentine’s Day Ideas.

You can find lots of inexpensive items for creating Valentines with your kids. Some of these are perfect for handing out to the whole class, while other ideas might be something you’d like to craft yourself to surprise your kids with on Valentine’s Day.

Most of these items can be purchased inexpensively at the dollar store or the dollar section of your Target. However, if I found a few unique items you may want to consider {the stick-on mustaches and solar grasshoppers are my favorite!}

Get out the construction paper, markers and glue and create something together. “Handmade and thoughtful” beats “manufactured and mass produced” any day. For each Valentine idea, I made sure to include a sentiment that you can integrate into your Valentines.

35 No Candy Valentine's Day Ideas.jpg

Here are 35 No Candy Valentine’s Day Card and Gift Ideas:

1. Cutie Clementines – “You sure are a cutie” Print out labels and stick to rind. {it will be peeled off anyway.}
2. Burt’s Bees Lip Balm“Bee Mine”
3.  Buttons – “You are cute as a button”
4. Coloring Books – “You color my world”
5. Crayons“You color my world”
6. Glow Sticks“You make my heart glow”
7. Stickers“Stuck on You”
8. Solar Cars“You make my heart race”

9. Bubbles“You blow me away”
10. Straws – “You’re Str-awesome!”
11. Ruler“You Rule!”
12. Bookmark – “How did you know I want you as my Valentine? Did you READ my mind?”
13. Colored Pens – “You are ALL WRITE!”
14. Toy Planes – “You are just PLANE awesome!”
15. Magnifying Glass“I’ve had my eye on you”
16. Highlighters – “You are the HIGHLIGHT of my life”
17. Magnets – “You have magnetic attraction”
18. Glitter – “You make the world sparkle”
19. Hair bows – “Life without you would be hair raising!”
20. Rubber balls “You put the bounce in my step!”
21. Toothbrush – “You make me smile”

Solar Powered Grasshopper Kit

Solar Powered Grasshoppers

22. Solar Grasshopper“You make my heart leap”
23. Erasers – “Make no mistake: I want you for my Valentine.”
24. Friendship Bracelet – “Our class would knot be the same without you”
25. Books 
26. Plastic Shovel – “I dig you”
27. Jump Rope – “You make my heart jump for joy”
28. Notebook – “Take note: I want you to be my Valentine”
29. Puzzles – “It’s not hard to figure out: I want you as my Valentine”
30. Paint Sample – “We love hue”
31. Burn a CD – “You Rock Valentine”
32. Apples – “You are the apple of my eye” Choose apples with stems so you can attach the message with ribbon
33. Packet of Flower Seeds – “Pick Me!”

Fake stick-on MustachesStick on Mustaches

34. Stick-on Mustaches“I mustache you to be my Valentine”
35. Card Games – “You are such a card, Valentine!” 

What ideas do you have that you would include on this list?

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  1. I think the toothbrush is a perfect idea. Although the kids may not be too fond of it, that’s a great idea to go with all of the candy they get. 🙂

  2. Suzanne, I’ll admit I sneak toothbrushes in to Easter baskets too. 🙂 Andrea

  3. These are great! I love the ruler! 🙂

  4. Thanks Lana! Andrea

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