30 Tips to Use in Your Organic Garden

Organic Gardening Tips

Will you be gardening this year? I’m watching the blowing snow as I write this and am dreaming of the day I can get back to the soil and harvest fresh, ripe produce!

I’ve rounded up 30 Tips you can use in your organic garden. Here’s to warm temperatures, fertile soil, and abundant produce!

At my house, I have raised beds. You can see my garden layout here. If you are planning your garden, here’s a bit more inspiration:

Planning Your Organic Garden:

Here’s a wonderful resource for an Edible Garden How-To.

Keeper of the Home shares How to Plant a Garden That Works For Where You Live.

It’s good to remember that Tiny Gardens Can Grow Anywhere.

Mom Prepares has a list of Decorative Shrubbery You Can Eat.

Have you failed at gardening in the past? Make sure you read these tips on How Not to Fail at Gardening. Good, common sense to starting your garden.

Think you have no room for a garden? Good Girl Gone Green has plans and the low down on Planting a Sustainable Front Lawn Garden. The results are beautiful!

Planning What To Grow:

Now that you’ve got a garden spot, what will you grow?

For first time gardeners, here are Easy Vegetables to Grow. My family favorites? Radishes (shocking, right? but true!), beets, zucchini and tomatoes.

Looking for more advice? Frugal Farm Wife lists her Easy Grow Garden Picks.

The Creative Christian Mama shares her Favorite Herbs to Grow. Please make sure to include some herbs in your garden. Mint grows with no help at all and makes the best tea!

Don’t forget about edible flowers! This Chick Cooks has a list of  Edible Flowers to Grow in Your Garden. Marigolds are always in my gardens and I’m adding nasturtium this year.

If you saw my garden plan, you saw I have a bed that gets partial shade. Here are 40 fruits, vegetables and herbs that grow in partial shade.

How to Save Money on Your Garden:

As you start planning your garden, remember Craig’s List Equals Cheap Plants

Bideshis No More has a brilliant idea for a Community Plant Trade. Fill your garden by trading your extras! No one to trade with? May I suggest finding a local garden forum online? Most have these types fo plant trades.

And of course, remember to upcycle.

Glass Bottles border flower bed

Starting Seeds:

Starting your own seeds helps keep your gardening costs low. Here are a few tips for seed starting.

Smithspirations has a guide to Deciphering Seeds and what terms like “open-pollinated” and “heirloom” really mean.

When it comes to seed starting, Green Bean Gardens has an excellent resource for Seed Starting.

Eliza K shows how to take my least favorite packaging (hint: the apples at Costco) and turn them into mini greenhouses.

Have you made eggshell planters before? Here’s how to do it. These can go right into the garden and they provide extra nutrients for your seedlings.

Vegetable Tips:

If you are including growing potatoes on your list (and this year I am!) remember these Planting Potato Tips from a Master Gardener.

Here’s the low down on Planting Snap Peas from a Life in Balance.

Everyone wants to grow delicious tomatoes. Here is Tomato Growing 101.

If you are planting peas, you’ll need to build a Pea Trellis.

Pea Trellis

 Eliminating Garden Pests and Weeds:

Emily from Random Recycling shares how to Keep Pests Out of Your Garden Naturally.

Small Footprint Family has how to Control Fungus Gnats Organically 

Here’s my tips for How to Kill Weeds Organically.

Weeds Killed Using Boiling Water

Composting is a Key Element to Organic Gardening:

Living Crunchy has instructions on How to Make Your Own Compost Bin. 

Red & Honey has a guide on How to Start a Successful Backyard Compost.

Your Gardening Friend tells How to Take Care of Compost Worms.


Here’s a seriously brilliant idea for Storing Your Gardening Tools by A Seed Inspired! When planning your garden, you may want to implement this idea.

Learning and Yearning shares Why Rototillers May be More Harmful than Helpful in an Organic Garden

The first thing that will go in my garden – sugar snap peas – will be planted as soon as this new snow moves out. Are you growing a garden this year?

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  1. Thanks for sharing my post on how to deter pests naturally from your garden. I hope the weather gets warm soon so we can start our spring garden.

  2. Hi Emily! I second the warm weather hopes! Can’t wait to hear about your spring garden and any new tips you have! Andrea

  3. Great round up of tips! I have them pinned to walk through them and see what we can use when ours is up and running this year.

  4. Hi Becky, Glad you found the round up of gardening tips helpful! I’m excited to start in our garden…as soon as this snow moves out of here! Andrea

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