3 Tricks to Try to Save at Amazon

3 Tricks to Save at Amazon

Use these tricks to saving even more when you order from Amazon.

Do you like shopping Amazon? Me too! I love the convenience and the prices.

But how do you know if you are always getting the best prices?

I’ve got a few tricks up my sleeve that I use every time I shop Amazon. By using these tricks, I know I get the best prices at Amazon every time I shop there.

Here are your Tricks to Try to Save More Money at Amazon:

1. Use Two Browsers to Browse Prices.

Did you know that Amazon can have two different prices on a product – one for a customer that is logged in, and one that is not?

Here’s how this savings trick works:

        1. Log into your Amazon account like you normally would do when shopping on Amazon.com.  Find the product you want to purchase and take note of the price.
        2. Open a separate browser. (ie- if you normally use Chrome, open up Firefox or Internet Explorer). You will NOT be logged into your account on this browser.
        3. Make sure you have the cookies cleared in the second browser.
        4. Now open up Amazon.com and search for the same product and compare prices.

You may not find a difference in prices. However, Amazon has been known to charge it’s logged in customers MORE for a product because they know you already shop there and will probably pay it.

By using this trick you can make sure you always get the best deals.

2. Add What You Need to Your Cart – But Don’t Buy It… YET. 

Have you ever noticed that if you leave something in your cart and then walk away, Amazon will start sending you emails to entice you to buy?

I did this recently with a kitchen faucet. I was having trouble committing to the purchase. I put the item in my cart and then left it there.

The next day, Amazon emailed me about faucets. They were NOT the same faucet I was looking at, but it was for a selection that was actually better priced.

I ended up picking a faucet from the email Amazon sent me and am very happy with my purchase.

While there is no guarantee that Amazon will send you a money saving email, if you don’t have to make a purchase right away, you may want to add an item to your cart, walk away, and see what happens over the next few days.

3. Use Price Jump

Savings.com has come out with a cool new tool called Price Jump. Price Jump will search it’s database and instantly compare Amazon product prices to prices around the web to ensure that you are getting the best deal when shopping on Amazon.

I like this tool because if the best price is at Amazon, they will tell you. But if it can be purchased cheaper elsewhere, it will tell you that to!


Get a FREE $1 Amazon eBook or Instant Download Credit

If you are an Amazon Prime member, right now you can earn FREE $1 credits for Amazon eBooks or Instant Downloads.

Here’s what you need to do:

  1. Purchase all your items separately. Do NOT put more than one item in your basket.
  2. Go through the purchasing process.
  3.  When you get to the checkout, opt out of the free two day shipping.

Free Amazon Credit

When you opt out of the free two day shipping, you should be rewarded by Amazon with a FREE credit!

Sometimes the free $1 credit is for an Amazon Instant Video, and sometimes it is for a free $1 ebook credit.

Either way, if you can wait to get your items, you can rack up some FREE credits! One for every item you order!

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Happy Savings!!!!

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