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RTIC Tumbler Savings

I’m a huge fan of these tumblers. They keep my drink icy cold all day – even in a hot car!

RTIC Double Wall Vacuum Insulated Tumbler $7.99

Compare this price to a YETI and you won’t believe the savings – and I can tell you this works equally as well.

Please note that product prices and availability are subject to change. Prices and availability were accurate at the time this was published; however, they may differ from those you see when you visit Amazon.

Save Energy, Save Money Window Insulator Kit

Holy Smokes! Did it ever get COLD this week!

Leaky windows leaking in cold air? This is an excellent solution that also happens to be on sale!

3M Indoor Window Insulator Kit, 5-Window $12.99 and ships free with Prime

You’ll save $9.55 over the regular price on the kit but can end up saving hundreds on your heating bill!

Please note that product prices and availability are subject to change. Prices and availability were accurate at the time this was published; however, they may differ from those you see when you visit Amazon.

Dog Treat Sample Box Like Free After Credit

For a limited, Amazon Prime Members who purchase this Dog Food and Treats Sample Box for $11.99 will get an $11.99 credit towards the purchase of select dog food and treat items! It’s like making money after credit!

Your $11.99 credit will be applied to your account 7 days after your order ships and you’ll get an email about how to redeem it. The credit applies only to certain dog care items, but there are some great items included in this promotion!

Have you met my new pup Wilson? He’s all about new treats!

Please note that product prices and availability are subject to change. Prices and availability were accurate at the time this was published; however, they may differ from those you see when you visit Amazon.

Target: Hot Deals on Seventh Generation Products

Target has several new cartwheel offers on Seventh Generation products. Plus, they have Seventh Generation products on sale, Buy One Get One 25% off.

Pop into Target and take advantage of these hot deals:

Buy 2 Seventh Generation Spray Cleaners OR Disinfecting Wipes $2.99/ea
*Use the 20% off Seventh Generation Cleaners Cartwheel offer
*Stack with the $1/1 Seventh Generation Cleaners manufacturer single-use coupon found in the Target App on your phone
You will pay $3.18 after sale, cartwheel and coupon. That’s just $1.59 each!

Buy 2 Seventh Generation Dishwasher Gels $6.49/ea
*Use the 20% off Seventh Generation Dish Detergent Cartwheel offer
You will pay $9.09 out of pocket
*Submit for the  earn $1.50 when you purchase Seventh Generation™ Dishwasher Detergent  Ibotta offer (You can redeem up to 5 times). You will earn $3 back since you purchased 2 packs.
Your final cost is $6.09 after rebate or just $3.05 each!

Why My Kids Are Sugar Free This Christmas (or How I’m the Worst Mom Ever)

How do you become the Worst Mom Ever? Ask your kids to go sugar free at Christmas!

Sugary Christmas Treats

What would your kids do if you asked them to be sugar free at Christmas?

Is it even possible to be sugar free this time of year?

There’s the cookie exchanges, hot cocoa with marshmallows, grandma’s fudge, gingerbread house decorating, reindeer food, and peppermint bark.

Can you even conceive a Christmas without all these sweet treats???

It was a difficult decision to ask my girls to be sugar free this year. So let me explain why I put forth this request.

In August of this year, I gave up sugar.

I can’t brag that no sugar has touched my lips for the past 6 months, because there are always occasions. Always.

However, I can look you in the eye and say on a day-to-day basis I am living a happy, content life without sugar.

No sugar. Nada. No white sugar. No honey. No maple syrup. No coconut or date sugar. No sugar by any name.

Sweets at Christmas

I’m not going to lie, it was incredibly difficult at first. The sugar cravings are real.

However, this wasn’t the first time I’d gone sugar free, so I knew all I needed to do was stick it out, and it would get easier.

Not only did it get easier, but as time has gone by, what I have felt has surprised me.

I feel free.

I no longer get those crazy cravings that result in hanger. My moods have stablized.

I no longer feel deprived because I’m not eating sugar. In fact, I can walk right by the endless retail displays of sugary treats and not be tempted.

For the first time in my life, I am satisfied.

What started out as a way to take off a little weight (I’m down 10 pounds) has led to my happiest life ever.

That is why I asked my daughters to be sugar free this Christmas.

I want them to be able to break free of the guilt associated with indulging in too many sweet treats.

I want them to find how freeing it is when hunger no longer controls your emotions.

I want them to learn that celebrations are still celebrations even when no sugar is involved.

gift of health

I don’t want my girls just to be saying no to sugar, I want them to be saying yes to a lifetime of good health.

How did my girls respond?

They were onboard for a sugar free Christmas as long as we could still enjoy blueberry stuffed french toast on Christmas morning. (Here’s a similar recipe to what I make)

That was an easy yes. By having only one treat, it puts the “special” back in special treat.

We’ve been sugar free since December 12th and I’ll be honest, it has not been all rainbows and unicorns.

Don’t be fooled, sugar has a very tight grip on our kiddos.

But I declared our house a sugar free zone and I’ve been determined to keep it that way. So I told both sets of grandparents that we will not accept any of the special desserts they were planning to bring to our house. This didn’t go over well for anyone–the grandparents or the girls.

As my girls have experienced how hard it is to live without sweets, we’ve looked into some sugar substitutes that satisfy our sweet tooth without activating our insulin response.

We’ve made a few treats sweetened with Erythritol and/or stevia. The taste is not the same as refined sugar, but overall I’d say we’ve enjoyed experimenting with recipes.

We’re also embracing some of the classic Christmas treats. I picked up a bag of chestnuts from Trader Joe’s. We’ll be roasting them over an open fire (our patio fire pit) on Christmas day.

Did you ever receive an orange in the toe of your stocking? We’ll be having oranges as our Christmas dessert. An orange used to be a treat! When you haven’t had refined sugar for weeks, you really appreciate the sweetness of an orange.

Both girls have said they are okay with continuing to be sugar free during Christmas break, even though it has been HARD. They also have said they don’t think it is sustainable for them in the long run, but that they will be more conscious of their sugar consumption.

So am I crazy to continue to enforce a sugar free house even though it is Christmas and I’ve been called the worst mom ever?

Maybe. However, I’m committed to a sugar free Christmas for my family, and a sugar free life for me.

Roomba Tips: What Everybody Ought to Know About the Roomba

Roomba Tips from a Roomba Owner

Roomba Tips: What everybody ought to know

To Roomba or not to Roomba, that is a $375 question.

I’ve owned a Roomba for about 2 years. These Roomba tips are based on my personal experience and are not part of a paid review. These are just the things I wish I had known prior to owning my Roomba.

So who am I?

I’m the owner of two hairy dogs with no kids living at home. My rooms have multiple surfaces. I mainly have hardwood floors with rugs scattered throughout.

We got Rosie the Roomba to vacuum up our main living space and to keep up with the never ending supply of dog hair.

Rosie does not vacuum our whole house. In fact, I limit Rosie Roomba to cleaning 2 rooms every night – my kitchen and my family room – where most of the daily mess is made.

The best part of Rosie? She’s programmed to run every night. God Bless Her.

So after living with Rosie for several years, I’ve figured out some Roomba Tips I think everybody ought to know.

Roomba Tips

Roomba Tip #1 – You Will Still Need To Vacuum!

That’s probably not what you wanted to hear, is it? Believe me, I know.

I bought my Roomba under the impression I turned it on and it got my room flawlessly clean and I didn’t have to lift a finger.

Not. So. Much.

I’ve since learned that the Roomba is a great way to go longer in between vacuuming, but it is NOT going to get a room well vacuumed on it’s own.

So do I think a Roomba is still worth it? Unequivocally YES! You just need to think of your Roomba as your partner – not your replacement.

How this works:

  1. Vacuum your room thoroughly to get started.

2. Then program your Roomba to do a daily sweep.

If you vacuum your room, then let your Roomba run that same night, I promise you, you will be AMAZED at the amount of hair and dirt the Roomba will pick up that you missed.

This photo is what Rosie picked up AFTER I had vacuumed that morning! 

Roomba tip 1

The Roomba allows you to go longer in between running the vacuum yourself.

The fact that it will get under my couch and chairs so I don’t have to is reason enough for me to own a Roomba.

Roomba Tip #2 – Pick Up Before Running Your Roomba

I can not stress this enough. You need to do a 5 minute pick-up prior to running your Roomba.

There is nothing more discouraging then getting up in the morning to find your Roomba stuck on a dog toy or shoe that was left out.

If your Roomba gets stuck, you’re out of luck. It stops functioning.

Roomba tip 2 pick up

Doing a nightly pick-up so my Roomba can do it’s job is not a big deal. I just clear the area of shoes, toys and whatever else is on the floor.

roomba tip 2 room picked up

Oh! And always pick up any plates of dog food! There is nothing more discouraging than to find your Roomba has “eaten” your dog’s $50 a bag dog food!

The good news is, your dog will probably “help” you by eating that random piece of food if you empty your Roomba out for a picture. Thanks Wilson! He’s so helpful.

roomba tip pick up dog food

Roomba Tip #3 – Your Roomba Will Run for Hours

Having your Roomba run for hours is a good thing, right? Well…not in my book.

If you think you can run the Roomba “real quick” before company comes, you are out of luck.

Rosie the Roomba takes forever to vacuum a space. No big deal if I’m running her at night, but if I need the room vacuumed pronto – I gotta do it myself.

Roomba Tip #4 – Don’t Forget to Clean Your Roomba Filter

My filter looks brand spanking new, doesn’t it?

roomba tip 4 clean filter

Then I turn it over. Seriously! How does so much dust and yuck accumulate in one day?!?!?!

roomba tip 4 clean filter daily

I run my Roomba every night and every morning it is this dirty. Don’t be fooled. You need to clean your filter daily. Your Roomba will thank you.

Roomba Tip #5 – Never Watch Your Roomba

Watching the Roomba is the most frustrating experience. Period.

It makes absolutely no sense how it vacuums a room. It’s so random. Not to mention, it will continue to run in the same space until you want to scream.

Often times, I’ll see a piece of fuzz on the floor. Rather than pick it up, I wait to see if Rosie will.

I watch her go by it in a hundred different directions before it she will finally pick it up.

This will slowly drive you crazy.

Do you own a Roomba? What did you name her?

Stainless Steel Drinking Straws only $6.95 for 4

Making the switch from plastic to stainless steel straws can make a HUGE impact on our environment.

SipWell Stainless Steel Drinking Straws $6.95/Set of 4

At this price, you can afford to pop one of these into all your loved ones stockings this year.

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