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6 of the Best Sources for Free Kindle Downloads

6 of the Best Sources for Kindle Free Downloads

When I first got my Kindle, I wasn’t sure I was going to like it. I’m an avid reader and had a long standing relationship with my public library. I was certain the Kindle was going to end up costing me more than just the purchase price.

However, I discovered I love reading on a Kindle. Every night I read in bed before falling asleep. Some (ahem, most) nights I fall asleep mid-sentence. Reading on my Kindle means I never lose my place since it stays on the last page I’ve read.

So how happy am I that I can not only read on my favorite new device, but I can also get tons of free downloads – including borrowing books from my library!

Of course, if you don’t have a Kindle, you can always download the free reading app. After you download the app, you can download these free books and read on your phone, tablet, or computer!

Here are the 6 Best Sources I’ve found for FREE Kindle Downloads:

1. Kindle Bestsellers List

From the Amazon homepage, you want to search by Kindle eBooks (top red arrow). Then, on the left hand side, look for Kindle Best Sellers (second red arrow). Click on the Best Sellers link.

Kindle Bestsellers

Once you are on the best sellers page, you will see you can look at the Top 100 Free Kindle eBooks.

Top 100 Free Kindle eBooks

Scroll through the free eBooks to find titles that appeal to you and download them. Please note: Prices on Amazon are subject to change at any time. If you see a title that you think you might like to read, be sure to download it right away.

2. Borrow From the Library

Even though you’ve switched to an eReader, you can still borrow your books from the library for FREE!

Start by heading to your library’s website. Then, find the link to OverDrive. The link on my library’s website looks like this:


Your library’s might look different. What you are looking for is OverDrive. If you have difficulty finding it, ask your librarian.

Once you have found OverDrive, click it to find the selection of FREE library books you can download to your Kindle.

If you find a book you’d like to borrow, click the checkout button. You will be prompted to log-in to your public library account using your library card number and a pin. Once you are logged in, you can designate the format in which you’d like to read the eBook. Select Kindle and it will send you to your Amazon cart where you can load the book onto your Kindle and borrow it for FREE.

3. Daily Emails from BookBub –

Authors of eBooks often put their books on sale at a deeply discounted price, or they may even offer them for free. There is no good way to know when this will happen or how long the book will remain at that price. That is, there is no way to know unless you subscribe to BookBub. Authors will inform BookBub of their sale dates, and BookBub will send you a daily email. Simply select the genres of books that appeal to you, and each night BookBub will email you a list of FREE ebooks!

4. Amazon Prime Members Read

Amazon just keeps improving its Amazon Prime program. Recently, they added Amazon Prime Members Read. This is a selection of over a thousand books and magazines that can be downloaded and read.


If you aren’t a Prime member, get an Amazon Prime 30-Day Free Trial and read for 30 days for free!

5. Best Selling Apps List

Again, this is for those of you with a Kindle Fire. From the Amazon homepage, you want to search by Apps for Android (top red arrow). Then, on the left hand side, look for Best Sellers (second red arrow). Click on the Best Sellers link.

Best Sellers Apps for Android

Once you are on the best sellers page, you will see you can look at the Top 100 Free Android Apps.

Top 100 Free Android Apps

Scroll through the free apps to find those that appeal to you and download them. Please note: Prices on Amazon are subject to change at any time. If you see an app that you think you might like, be sure to download it right away.

6. FREE Amazon Instant Videos

If you have the Kindle Fire, and are looking for some FREE instant videos, there isn’t a great selection, but there is a selection.

Head to the FREE TV Episodes page on Amazon and you can download a very small selection.

Free TV Episodes on Amazon

AVID READERS: If you consider yourself an avid reader, I would encourage you to Try Amazon Kindle Unlimited 30-Day Free Trial. With Kindle Unlimited, you can download and read as many books as you like! Give it a go for 30 days and see if you

Those are my top sources for finding Kindle Downloads. Do you know of one that I missed? Please leave me a comment!

Also, if you have a Kindle, you probably shop Amazon. Find out my 5 Secret Ways to Save at Amazon (You’ve Never Heard Of) and make sure you know How to Use Coupons on Amazon.

How Does the New Target Cartwheel Work?

Cartwheel by Target

There is a new way to save at Target using the Target Cartwheel and Target Cartwheel App.

So how does this new Target Cartwheel work?

  1. Sign up using either your email or your Facebook account
  2. If you have a smartphone, you can also add the app to your phone. iPhone app or Android app.
  3. Scroll through the available offers and add any offers you will use to your account.
  4. Redeem your offers in store:
  • If you are using Target Cartwheel on your computer, simply click on “My Cartwheel” then “Redeem in Store” to be able to print a barcode to use in store.
  • If you have a smartphone, after you have added the offers to your cartwheel account, simply open it to the barcode for your cashier to scan.

The key to using Target Cartwheel from your desktop at home is you must add the offers to your account before you print your barcode in order to get the savings. If you are using a smartphone, it is easier to add offers while in store.

The best part of this new Target Cartwheel program is you can combine Cartwheel offers with your coupons! You are allowed one Cartwheel offer with one manufacturer’s coupon and one Target coupon! So you can get triple the savings!

So how do the Target Cartwheel Savings Work?

  • The Cartwheel discount is taken after Target Coupons but before any manufacturer coupons.
  • Your cartwheel discount is limited to four of the same item in a single transaction. For example: If you have loaded a cartwheel offer on socks to your account, the discount can only be applied to four pairs of socks in a single transaction.
  • You can save on your entire Cartwheel list up to six times per day, meaning you would need to do separate transactions if you’d like to buy more than four of any given offer.
  • If you would like to make sure an item qualifies for a cartwheel offer before you buy it, you can bring the item up to guest services and ask them to check it. Just present the item and your cartwheel barcode for them to scan.
  • To start, you can only load 10 offers to your Target Cartwheel account. The more offers you use, and the more you share these offers with your friends (this happens when you log-in with your Facebook account) the more offers you can load to your account.

Will you be using the new Target Cartwheel?