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Whole Grain No-Knead Bread Dough Recipe

1 whole grain dough 2

The idea to do One Dough, 31 Whole Grain Recipes came about because I’ve been looking for a way to bake whole wheat baked goods without popping a can.

You know what I’m talking about, don’t you? Those tubes of dough that pop open and you can have homemade rolls, breadsticks or pizza dough in an instant?

The problem with those doughs is there is a lot of extra stuff in that can that I don’t want to feed my family. And I really wanted to make sure that the flour I used was whole wheat or whole grain.

So I found this recipe for a dough. And I tweaked it. And I played with it. And I added different flours and created new recipes. And now my family is enjoying freshly baked goods several times a week.

Seriously. Several times a week.

Here’s the beauty of this recipe: You make one batch and it can stay in your refrigerator for 12 days. This gives you plenty of opportunities to use it in a variety of different recipes – from sides to breakfasts to desserts!

This dough lends itself to your dietary needs.

Do you have a family of white bread eaters? This recipe can be made with all 6 1/2 cups of 100% unbleached organic all purpose flour.

King Arthur Organic Unbleached All Purpose Flour

Just as easily, you can make this recipe with all 6 1/2 cups of organic 100% whole wheat flour.

Organic Whole Wheat Flour

My most favorite flour to use in this recipe? Organic 100% White Whole Wheat Flour.

King Arthur White Whole Wheat

White Whole Wheat flour is still 100% whole wheat flour. However, it is made from the white wheat berry, not the red. It is milder in flavor and lighter in color than whole wheat flour, so you can use it in recipes where you wouldn’t expect whole wheat.

Finally, you can also use Light Spelt Flour for part or all of the flour in this master dough recipe.

Light Spelt Flour

Light spelt flour is whole grain but can be used as a substitute for all purpose flour in any recipe! Great if you have a wheat intolerance.

Have fun with any of these flours in this dough! Half light spelt, half white whole wheat. Or 2 cups all purpose, 2 cups light splet, and the rest whole wheat. Use what you have on hand – it’s wonderfully versatile!

For simplicity sake, you’ll find the master dough recipe calls for 2 cups organic unbleached all purpose flour and 4 1/2 cups white whole wheat flour. This is a great launching point for trying these recipes. You decide the extent to which this recipe is whole grain.

Now, you will be adding oil to this recipe as well. If you are making breadsticks, rolls or pizzas, I suggest using olive oil. However, if you think you might use a portion of this dough recipe for something like orange breakfast rolls or cinnamon crumb pull apart bread, use a neutral flavored oil like canola oil.

Finally, before we get to the recipe, I use honey to make my dough. But if you only have sugar on hand, you may substitute sugar for the honey.

Phew. That was a lot of explanation, so, with no further ado, the master recipe for Whole Wheat No-Knead Bread Dough!

Whole Grain No-Knead Bread Dough Recipe

Prep Time: 15 minutes

Total Time: 2 hours, 15 minutes

Yield: Enough dough for 4 different recipes


  • 2 3/4 cup lukewarm water
  • 1 1/2 tablespoons yeast
  • 1 tablespoon salt
  • 1 tablespoon honey
  • 5 tablespoons oil (olive or canola depending on your taste)
  • 2 cups organic unbleached all purpose flour + 4 1/2 cups whole wheat flour **See article for notes on flours you can substitute**


  1. Preheat oven to 100.
  2. In a large dough bowl, mix water, yeast, salt, honey, and oil.
  3. Add flour(s) and mix just until combined.
  4. Turn off oven.
  5. Cover dough bowl and allow dough to rise in oven for 2 hours.
  6. After the dough has risen, it can be refrigerated for 12 days.
  7. To refrigerate: Spray a piece of plastic wrap with cooking spray and place on top of dough to keep a crust from forming. Store in a large container.
  8. Use dough in any of the 1 Dough, 31 Whole Grain Recipes recipes.

Now that you know how to make the master dough, store it in the fridge in a large container. To keep the dough from forming a crusty top, spray a piece of plastic wrap with cooking spray and lay on top of the dough. It will now stay fresh for the next 12 days.

Stay tuned for the month of October as each day I’ll be adding a new recipe that uses this whole grain no-knead bread dough!

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ibotta app

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Whole Grain Carrot Waffles with The Best Almond Butter Waffle Topping

Carrot Waffles

Adding carrot to your whole grain waffles is actually a great way to add nutrition.

If you have a kiddo who is a reluctant vegetable eater, sneaking carrots into a waffle can help get them an all important serving of carrots – without them even realizing it!

This recipe calls for using a juicer. I have an ancient juicer that I still use. When I use my juicer, it separates the pulp from juice. That means I’m missing out on fiber. This recipe uses both the juice and the pulp!

No juicer? No problem. Use store-bought carrot juice, then just substitute shredded carrot for the carrot pulp. It will make your clean-up a heck of a lot easier. 🙂

I use white whole wheat flour quite a bit in my recipes. It has all the nutrition of whole wheat flour but is lighter, meaning it won’t make your baked goods as heavy and dense as whole wheat flour will.

The next lazy Sunday morning you have, preheat your waffle iron and make up a batch of these for your family. The recipe only makes 4 waffles, so you might find you need to double it.

Whole Grain Carrot Waffles

Yield: 4 waffles


  • 1 cup white whole wheat flour
  • 1 tablespoon turbinado sugar
  • 1/4 teaspoon aluminum free baking powder
  • 1/4 teaspoon salt
  • 1/2 cup carrot juice
  • 2 eggs, lightly beaten or egg substitute equivalent
  • 2 tablespoons butter, melted
  • 1/2 cup carrot pulp (you may substitute grated carrot)


  1. In a large bowl, mix together flour, sugar, baking powder, and salt.
  2. In a small bowl, whisk together the juice, eggs, and butter.
  3. Add the wet ingredients to the dry ingredients and stir.
  4. Add the carrot pulp and mix just until well incorporated.
  5. Cook on preheated waffle iron following waffle iron instructions.

So let’s say you don’t want to try the carrot waffles.
Please, please, please try the Almond Butter Waffle Topping on your favorite waffles.
It’s not only delicious, but it adds protein. I find it helps keep me fuller, longer, than a waffle topped with just maple syrup.

The Best Almond Butter Waffle Topping



  1. Mix all ingredients together and use to top your favorite waffles.

Have you added vegetables to your waffles before?

Healthy Snack List: 32 Pre-Packaged Five Ingredient Snacks

32 Healthy Snacks

Have you heard of choosing food with five ingredients or less? It comes from Michael Pollen’s Food Rules: An Eater’s Manual . Here’s what it says:

“Don’t eat anything with more than five ingredients, or ingredients you can’t pronounce.”

That rule is very simple when it comes to eating whole foods. Apples, almonds, apricots, artichokes…. you know the whole foods I’m talking about. Single ingredient, unprocessed.

The rule becomes more complicated as you look at all the snack food out there. So many tempting, delicious choices. Can you really buy pre-packaged snacks and still follow the rule?

A whole food or homemade whole food snack is always going to be the dietary gold standard. I strive to get there 90% of the time. The other 10% of the time, well, life is getting lived, and a pre-packaged snack is awfully handy.

After all, sometimes we just don’t remember to grab an apple before we leave the house. Having a bag of Peeled Snacks in the car or in your purse can keep you on the whole foods track.

Use this list to think about how you can substitute whole food pre-packaged snacks for some of your favorite processed foods. For example, replace the Doritos, which contain ultra processed ingredients such as monosodium glutamate, maltodextrin, and artificial colors, with a healthier snack choice like Eden Spicy Pumpkin Seeds, which contain only organic dry roasted pumpkin seeds, organic tamari, organic garlic, and organic cayenne pepper.

I spent a LOT of time looking at labels and looking for snacks that meet the 5 ingredient or less standard. Those 5 ingredients had to be ingredients that were instantly recognizable.

Some of these you’ll be able to find at your local grocers, some are more specialty and may require a trip to the natural grocers, and others you might find just easiest to order and have at the ready. I’ve linked to everything on Amazon so you can check out the ingredients for yourself, and you can stock your pantry easily.

Healthy Snack List

Alive & Well Kale Krunch, Quite Cheesy

Annie Chun’s Seaweed Snacks

Bare Fruit 100% Organic Baked Dried Fruit

Brown Rice Snaps

Cat Cora’s Kalamata Olives

Caveman Cookies

Coconut Butter

100% Organic Raw Cacao Bliss, Raw Chocolate Coconut Butter

Dry Roasted Edamame

Eden Organic Dry Roasted Spicy Pumpkin Seeds

Envirokidz Organic Gorilla Munch  (good in trail mixes!)

Funky Monkey Snacks

Foods Alive Golden Flax Crackers

GoGo Squeez Applesauce

Go Raw Freeland Super Cookies

Go Raw Sprouted Pumpkin Seeds

Go Raw Sprouted Sunflower Seeds

Just Tomatoes Just Peas

Justin Nut Butters

Larabars ~ There are quite a few to choose from, so I just picked out those with the least ingredients

Lundberg Organic Brown Rice Cakes

Nature’s Path Organic Whole O’s (another great addition to trail mixes!)

Nutty Bean White and Yellow Naked Chickpeas

Orgran Toasted Buckwheat Crispibread

Peeled Snacks

Real Foods Organic Corn Thins

Sensible Foods Organic Sweet Corn Crunch Dried Snacks

Stretch Island Fruit Strawberry Fruit Leather

Sunbutter Sunflower Seed Spread

Suzie’s Whole Grain Thin Cakes, Puffed Brown Rice Crackers

Wedderspoon Premium Manuka Honey

Wonderful Pistachios

Once you have your stock of healthy snacks, why not set up a DIY Snack Station for the kids? Happy Snacking!

If you choose to order at – where I know all of these snacks are available – make sure you never overpay by reading this:

save at Amazon

PS ~ I would love to add to this list, so if you have a product that belongs on this list, please leave it in the comments.

Freezer Meal: Homemade Macaroni and Cheese Sauce

Freezer Meal Macaroni and Cheese

Freezing pasta can be tricky. It has to be slightly under cooked before freezing in order to have the correct texture when you reheat it. Overcook it, and your pasta will have the texture of glue. Yucky!

That’s why I like this recipe for Freezer Homemade Macaroni and Cheese Sauce. The sauce is made from 100% whole food ingredients, reheats easily, and tastes great.

Once you have a stock of this sauce in your freezer, it takes the same amount of time to prepare as a box of mac & cheese.

But don’t limit this sauce to just mac & cheese. It also tastes great over steamed broccoli, stirred into cooked rice, as a topping for a baked potato, or as a dip for my Bread Machine Honey Whole Wheat Soft Pretzel Bites.

Important Note: Always allow your sauce to cool completely before freezing. Otherwise, a layer of ice crystals may form on top of the sauce and will affect the taste.

Freezer Meal: Homemade Macaroni and Cheese Sauce

Freezer Meal: Homemade Macaroni and Cheese Sauce


  • 3 cups milk
  • 6 tablespoon butter
  • 6 tablespoons flour (unbleached white, or whole wheat, or rice flour to make gluten-free)
  • 5 cups shredded sharp cheddar cheese
  • 3 ounces cream cheese
  • 1 teaspoon dry mustard
  • dash red pepper
  • salt and pepper to taste
  • 1 1/2 cups whole wheat macaroni


    To Make Cheese Sauce:
  1. In a large saucepan, melt the butter over medium heat. Whisk in the flour until smooth.
  2. Slowly add the milk 1/2 cup at a time whisking constantly.
  3. Once all the milk is incorporated, cook the sauce for 5 minutes, stirring occasionally. Do not allow to come to a boil.
  4. Remove from the heat and whisk in cheddar, cream cheese, mustard, red pepper, salt, and pepper.
  5. Allow to cool before transferring to 4 12-ounce freezer safe jars. Leave 1 inch of headroom in each jar. (Fill only to where the lid threads start.)
  6. To Serve:
  7. Thaw the sauce in the refrigerator overnight. Pour sauce into a saucepan and heat until warmed through.
  8. While the sauce is heating, cook the 1 1/2 cups macaroni according to package directions.
  9. Stir sauce and macaroni together and serve.

If your sauce doesn’t thicken, I have added more than the 3 ounces of cream cheese. Your sauce will take on a bit more cream cheese flavor (hardly a problem in my book!) but it will help thicken it.

Or, you can leave out the cream cheese and choose to add more cheddar. Your choice!

How to Use Cinnamon Sticks {You CAN Reuse Them!}

How to Use Cinnamon Sticks

Did you know cinnamon is the world’s most popular baking spice?

This time of year it will be showing up in hot drinks like cider, coffee, tea, and cocoa. A cinnamon stick makes a great swizzle stick that not only looks good, but it adds flavor.

But if you are only using that cinnamon stick just one time, you are wasting it! Cinnamon sticks can actually be used several times before they lose their flavor.

To reuse your cinnamon stick, simply rinse under hot water then allow it to dry.

To get the best flavor from your cinnamon stick the next time you use it, run it over a grater a few times to release the flavors. Just like new! You can do this 4 to 5 times before you need to discard your stick!

Grating Cinnamon


  • Make your house smell great with a simmering pot.
  • Use in Hot Apple Cider Mix
  • Use in Pineapple Cinnamon Water
  • Steep a black tea bag, cinnamon stick, and dried orange peel to make Cinnamon Orange Tea
  • Steep a green tea bag, cinnamon stick and a teaspoon of crystallized ginger
  • Add a cinnamon stick to hot cocoa
  • Use in Russian Tea
  • Use for Chai Tea
  • Try adding a cinnamon stick to your next glass of lemonade

What great recipes do you have for using cinnamon sticks?

The GBG It Works for Me

“The GBG: It Works for Me” is all about that thing you’ve started doing that you’d wish you’d known you should be doing all along.

Solutions, quick tips, and shortcuts. Time savers and sanity savers. It’ll all be right here.

Have a solution, tip, or time saver of your own? Let me know by filling out this form, I’ll try then share!

Hot Apple Cider Mix | Recipe Perfect for Homemade Gift Giving

Hot Apple Cider Mix Recipe

Squeeee! That’s how I feel about this Hot Apple Cider Mix that is perfect for homemade gift giving.

I love Hot Apple Cider. Is any other drink so absolutely perfect on a crisp fall day or when the snow starts to fall?

A quick word about ingredients. I used Sucnat brown sugar as the sugar in this mix. If you aren’t familiar with Sucnat – it is a natural, less processed form of brown sugar. If you haven’t used it before, I need to caution you. Sucnat is just crushed sugar cane. Without the extra processing brown sugar undergoes, it still contains all of the cane’s natural molasses, and has a distinct, natural molasses flavor.

You can use brown sugar in this mix if you want traditional flavor for your hot apple cider. If you are choosing to go the whole food, all natural route, I hope you’ll give sucnat a try. The flavor is unique but still delicious.

Hot Apple Cider Mix Ingredients

This project does take a little bit of time because you have to dry the orange peels. But drying the peels doesn’t require you do anything but babysit the oven.

Here’s how to dry your orange peels:

  1. Start by juicing the orange.
  2. Use a spoon and scrape out any additional pulp until all you are left with is the orange peel.
  3. Dry in a 200 degree oven for 4 to 6 hours. Check frequently. If after a few hours they start to look brown, turn your oven down to 100 to complete the drying process. They need to be thoroughly dried so they don’t spoil
  4. Allow to cool.

Once your peels are dry, call the kids! Assembling the Hot Apple Cider Mix is a fun afternoon activity to do with kids of all ages.

To create your Hot Apple Cider Mix gift:

  1. Add 3 allspice and two cloves to the bottom of the orange.
  2. Fill the orange peel with sucnat or brown sugar.
  3. Trim your cinnamon stick to the correct length to look like a body.
  4. Using 4 cloves, make arms and legs.
  5. Use an allspice as the head. {I picked through mine to find one the appropriate size.}

Why add the allspice and cloves to the bottom? They don’t “fit” with the cinnamon stick body, so you just hide them. That way the apple cider will be spiced correctly, but your gift is stinkin’ cute!

Hot Apple Cider Mix Homemade Gift

Present your Homemade Hot Apple Cider Mix with a bottle of your favorite local apple cider. You may want to attach instructions to your gift:

Heat all ingredients over a low flame for 30 minutes.

Happy Fall Y’all!