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Shopping Multiple Stores

How many supermarkets do you shop each week? Shopping at multiple stores can net you the best prices – BUT – shopping at multiple stores can also net you a big headache! Here are some strategies for getting your weekly groceries at rock bottom prices without causing you to spend all your time at the stores.

Use your weekly fliers and Your Price List. Instead of tossing the weekly flier in the recycling bin, spend some time looking for the best prices. Your price list will help you identify the true bargain. For example, this week Albertson’s is advertising it’s grapes for $1.99/lb.  but – Sunflower Market has grapes advertised for .99/lb! Compare the fliers to each other, and compare them to your price list. Use them both to make a shopping list to determine how many stores it is worth it to you to shop each week.

Get to know each store. When you shop the same store each week, you know exactly where you can find the items you routinely purchase. Shopping at a different store can slow you down because you don’t know where products are located. When you start to shop more than one store, think of the first few trips as “scouting missions” and be prepared to spend a little extra time. You’ll more than make up that time in future runs. In fact, you’ll find you start to feel at home at each one, and can easily pop in and out to grab the few items you might need.

Buy only what you need or think you’ll use. I’m not a big proponent of spending lots of time shopping. Therefore, I know that not every deal is a great deal for me. Case in point – in the grape example above, I’d have to find several more items that excited me at Sunflower Market before I gassed up the mom-mobile to head over there. I have three other stores much closer to me I would want to head to first. Be flexible with your list. Who knows, maybe King Soopers or Safeway will have grapes on special next week. My price list will reflect that I will want to pay .99 or less.

Investigate your drugstore. Drugstores offer so many catalina deals that can make a trip worthwhile. Find out if they offer any groceries you want/need that you can apply your catalinas to. Lots of times you’ll end up with some free health and beauty products to boot!