20 of the Best Healthy Trader Joe’s Snacks

Best Healthy Snacks at Trader Joes

This list of 20 of the Best Healthy Trader Joe’s Snacks does not include Cookie Butter.

In my perfect world, a spoonful of cookie butter would be instantly slimming and nutritionally complete.

Sadly, it’s not so.

The good news is, cookie butter is just one of the many snacking options available at Trader Joe’s. And my list of 20 has some really tasty treats that will make you walk right past that cookie butter and not even miss it.

I didn’t include the produce section in this list. That seemed like a no-brainer to me. We know that picking up an apple or a bag of carrots makes for the best of healthy snacks.

This list is for those who need healthy and tasty snack inspiration.



1. Medjool Dates – Craving caramel? Try a date instead.

2. Freeze Dried Bananas – If your blood sugar is running low, pop open a bag of these for instant happiness. BONUS: These won’t squish in your purse like a real banana will.

3. Freeze Dried Fuji Apple Slices – I love the crunchy sweetness of these. They don’t last long in our house and often times we have to have arm wrestling matches to determine who gets the last bit.

4. Just Mango (unsulfered and unsweetened) – Perfect in homemade trail mix. Perfect enjoyed on it’s own. Another great healthy snack when you need something sweet.

5. Raw Almonds – When I asked on Facebook what snack my readers carried in their purse, almonds was the number one answer. BONUS: Trader Joe’s almonds aren’t sprayed with PPO.

6. Raw Cashews – Raw cashews are an easy snack that also deserve a spot in your purse/diaper bag/gym bag.

7. Tamari Roasted Almonds -When a plain almond just won’t do. An 1/8 cup has less than 100 calories and no sugar. But the flavor is to die for.



8. Cold Pressed Juices – 100% fruits and vegetables. The price is steep, but the nutritional value is deep.

9. Cage-Free Fresh Hard-Cooked Peeled Eggs – If you get discouraged peeling a hard boiled egg (half the egg ends up in the sink), this is one convenience food that is worth every single penny.

10. Maple Water – Did you know that sometimes thirst is mistaken for hunger? Try drinking more instead of eating more. Maple water has half the calories and half the sugar of coconut water!

11. Organic Light String Cheese – Classic snacking. Do you like to peel off strings?

12. Mediterranean Hummus Snack Pack – Perfect for lunch boxes with carrots and baked lentil chips.

13. Trader Joe’s Plain Organic Yogurt – Plain yogurt is kinda tart and maybe yucky. Stir in some fruit and nuts and you’ll have a yummy snack where you control the sugar content.



14. Seasoned Kale Chips – I’m addicted to the seasoning on these. Note: there is added sugar but only 2 grams.

15. Roasted Seaweed Snacks – These are naturally rich in minerals, slightly crunchy and totally satisfying when you need a salty snack fix.

16. Baked Lentil Chips – Perfect for dipping in hummus.

17. Organic Peanut Butter – Because a spoonful of peanut butter is definitely considered a snack in our house. Add some chocolate pieces and you’ve got the perfect mid-afternoon slump snack.
BTW ~ You’ll want to check out Which is Better: Whole Foods or Trader Joe’s to see the price comparison on peanut butter and more.

18. Organic Popping Corn – Corn is one of the most genetically modified crops in the world. Organic popping corn is a total win.

19. Organic Applesauce Cups – No added sugar in these delicious little cups!

20. Roasted Coconut Chips – When referring to these chips, the words “obsessed” and “addictive” are often used.


Have a pup in your life? The price on their dog treats, or “snacks” can’t be beat!

Now it is your turn. What did I miss that needs to find it’s way into my cart next time?

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