2 Ingredient Homemade Silly Putty Recipe

A homemade silly putty recipe that needs just 2 ingredients.
Two Ingredient Homemade Silly Putty Recipe

Kids driving you crazy?

Why not try a little science experiment at home? With two ingredients you probably already have in your kitchen, you can make homemade silly putty.

A lot of this recipe depends on the kind of dish soap you have at home. Some brands just plain work better than others.

The only way you’ll know how yours works is to give it a go.

After we made our silly putty and played with it for a bit, I put it in a sealed container and kept it next to the sink. For the next few days, we used it to wash our hands with! That proved to be almost more fun than playing with the silly putty. It definitely encouraged hand washing.

Homemade Silly Putty Recipe


1/4 cup non-GMO cornstarch <— I use this brand
3 tablespoons dish soap

Stir these two ingredients together then start kneading them with your hands.

That’s it! You now have your own homemade silly putty.

I threw together a quick 30 second video so you can see exactly how this recipe is supposed to work.

Can’t see the video? Watch it here.

While this recipe produces a silly putty that can stretch and mold into shapes, I tried to use it to lift images off newspaper and it did not work. I was a little bummed about that because that was my favorite part of playing with silly putty as a kid.

However, my kids had never played with silly putty before, so to them, the fact that these two ingredients formed something that could stretch and shrink and ball up…was fun enough.

Did you play with silly putty as a kid?

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